Woman shoots and kills her boyfriend in Youtube publicity stunt gone incredibly wrong
07/20/2017 / By Lance D Johanson / Comments
Woman shoots and kills her boyfriend in Youtube publicity stunt gone incredibly wrong

A young couple’s lives were shattered to pieces in an online publicity stunt gone incredibly wrong. Looking to get more views on their YouTube channel, boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III convinced his pregnant girlfriend of six years to shoot a .50 caliber bullet into a hardback encyclopedia he agreed to hold out in front of his chest. Hyping up the stunt on their social media profiles, the fame-driven couple prepared for their big moment.

“Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever. HIS idea not MINE,” tweeted Monalisa Perez (@MonalisaPerez5) on June 26, 2017, just hours before the incident took place.  (Related: For more news on societal insanity, visit Stupid.News)

Publicity stunt ends in murder

With 30 onlookers gathered live, and with cameras rolling, girlfriend Monalisa Perez held up one of the most powerful pistols in the world, a .50 caliber Desert Eagle. Pointing the large barrel at her boyfriend, she pulled the trigger.

In one blast, the couples’ quest for fame quickly gave way to gory infamy. Predictably, the large caliber bullet blasted through the pages of the encyclopedia, sinking into Pedro’s chest. Authorities have investigated the videos and vow not to release the footage to the public. The 19-year-old girlfriend is being charged with second-degree manslaughter by the Minnesota’s Norman County District Court.

Court documents confirm: “Perez reported that Pedro Ruiz III wanted to make a YouTube video of her shooting a book and he believed that the book would stop the bullet. Monalisa Perez pointed out cameras and stated that the entire incident was recorded.”


Motivated by the lust for fame

Pedro’s aunt, Claudia Ruiz, warned her nephew not to perform the stunt beforehand and asked him why he would do such a thing. She recalls his reply, “Because we want more viewers. We want to get famous.” And it’s those words that will echo forever, a haunting reminder of what the lust for fame is capable of.

This tragic lust for fame is described well in a poem titled Curtain Power Illusion, taken from an intriguing psychology book titled, Behind the Face.

My lungs painted with envy

My desires salivated with hunger

Something lurked behind the curtain

And I wanted it

That feeling

That power

To have everyone’s eyes

To get the most likes

I would do anything for it

So I drew a deep breath and parted the curtains…

The quest for fame is ultimately a deceptive illusion. The character in the poem begins to chase a feeling, a power, described as “the rush of everyone’s eyes.” It’s this empty pursuit which ultimately leads to a “never fulfilling meaninglessness” that ends in the character’s demise and an understanding that humbleness is necessary for a fulfilling life.

The same theme of humility is revealed in the poem, Our Light Source, which starts out, “We want our voice to be heard, our purpose to be fulfilled, and our light to shine, but none of these will be realized until we understand that our voice, our purpose, and our light are gifts from a Greater Source. Humbleness is the key.”

The poem ultimately reveals what is more important than the fame we seek. It’s the character traits that are most important, especially humility. It’s this realization that will be etched in Mona’s memory for the rest of her life.

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