Ten journalists who have been violently assaulted by Antifa, a radical left-wing terrorist group that’s celebrated by the mainstream media
09/07/2017 / By Jayson Veley / Comments
Ten journalists who have been violently assaulted by Antifa, a radical left-wing terrorist group that’s celebrated by the mainstream media

Remember how many liberal commentators and late night talk show hosts would routinely take shots at the Tea Party movement back in 2009 and 2010? These freedom-loving patriots were called almost every name in the book, from fascists to white nationalists, to Nazis and worse. They were labeled as bigots, extremists, thugs and terrorists, all for standing up for limited government and the United States Constitution. Yet conveniently, when it comes to Black Lives Matter or the violent rabble-rousers that make up the Antifa movement, the liberals are silent. This is because to the left, violence and chaos are okay so long as it is done in the name of advancing progressivism or tearing down the conservative movement.

Still, the actions of groups like Antifa as of late are inexcusable. In fact, Breitbart News recently put together an entire list of journalists that have been assaulted by Antifa activists, and since the liberal media won’t give them any further recognition, we here at Natural News will. (Related: Antifa should be declared a domestic terrorism organization.)

Independent Journalist Keith Campbell

During a Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson last month, independent journalist Keith Campbell described a situation at Berkeley where a group of Antifa protesters forced their way through a police line and began mercilessly beating him. Another left wing journalist had to literally jump on top of him to prevent him from being beaten to death.

CBS Photojournalist

Just one day after the chaos that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, a separate rally against white supremacy was held in Richmond. It was at this rally that a local CBS reporter was struck in the head by an Antifa activist and rushed to the hospital.


The Hill reporter Taylor Lorenz

After posting a video on social media of a car ramming into a crowd of protestors, The Hill reporter Taylor Lorenz published a follow-up post on Twitter, which read “The video cuts off at the end b/c some asshole came over and punched me in the face and kicked my phone for recording (I said I was press).”

Journalist that was shoved by Antifa after they stole his phone

Last month, GGX News reporter Brian Neumann posted a video on Twitter of a distraught journalist who had his phone stolen by Antifa protesters. The journalist was then forced to explain to the activists that he is not pro-Trump, presumably out of fear that he would be harmed if they thought otherwise.

Andrew Bolt of Sky News

Back in June, conservative commentator Andrew Bolt was assaulted by two Antifa activists in Melbourne, Australia. After being sprayed with a liquid containing dye and glitter, Bolt, who is 57 years old, managed to get in a few punches and forced the thugs to flee.

Max Bachmann of Heavy.com

While covering the G20 protests, Max Bachmann of Heavy.com was attacked by Antifa after being labeled as a Nazi by a separate news reporter.

Jack Posobiec of Rebel Media

Conservative commentator and filmmaker Jack Posobiec was harassed and assaulted by Antifa at George Washington University earlier this summer. When the police identified and confronted Posobiec’s attacker, he immediately claimed that he was actually the victim and not the aggressor.

Marcus DiPaola of Heavy.com

Marcus DiPaola was another journalist from Heavy.com who was attacked by Antifa while covering the G20 protests. DiPaola was able to obtain video footage of the entire assault, and wrote on Twitter, “Punched in face & kicked to ground covering G20 Welcome to Hell protest by RECORDED THE WHOLE THING.”

Global News crew in Quebec

In August, Antifa protesters in Quebec City took to the streets and began engaging in numerous violent and illegal acts, including destroying personal property and hurling fireworks at police. Amidst all of the chaos, Jean-Vincent Verveille and Mike Armstrong of Global News were assaulted by Antifa activists, and their expensive camera equipment was unfortunately destroyed. Thankfully, neither of them were severely injured.

Daily Caller Cameraman

Back in April, during a rally outside of the White House, a cameraman for the Daily Caller found himself caught in the middle of a war between Antifa activists and alt-right protesters. Video of the rally clearly shows a member of Antifa with a red mask across his face walking towards the Daily Caller cameraman and throwing a punch at him, briefly knocking him off balance. (Related: Are Antifa and the alt-right run by the same forces?)

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