Mueller the Intimidator: FBI agents ROUGH up Paul Manafort and wife during pre-dawn raid
11/02/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Mueller the Intimidator: FBI agents ROUGH up Paul Manafort and wife during pre-dawn raid

The hyper-politicized FBI under President Barack Obama hasn’t been reformed all that much — yet — under President Donald J. Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, given a report this week that agents used heavy intimidation tactics against the first target of special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing probe into alleged “Russian collusion” in last year’s election.

Paul Manafort, at one point Trump’s campaign manager, and his wife were roughed up during a no-knock, pre-dawn raid by agents last summer as a means of intimidating both of them, the Washington Times reported.

The Times noted further that agents actually checked Manafort and wife Kathleen for firearms when they broke into the couple’s Alexandria, Va., condo after picking the lock on their front door.

The paper, quoting an unnamed source familiar with the case, reported that the ensuing search of the Manafort residence was even more invasive: One agent patted down Kathleen Manafort before she was even permitted to get out of bed.

“Agents felt up Mrs. Manafort lying in bed to see if she had guns,” said the source, citing the intimidation tactic.

In other words, Manafort and his wife were being treated as though they were some sort of threat to the lives of invading agents, though nothing has been reported to suggest that either of them were anything of the sort. Manafort has no publicized history of violence and wife Kathleen is an attorney who participates in her husband’s myriad of real estate acquisitions and sales.

Mueller sent a dozen agents in all on the raid. They busted into the place with guns drawn, of course, and remained there for hours, the Times noted, adding:

The aggressive search of a prone sleepy woman is, the source said, a hallmark of Mr. Mueller’s top prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann. A former mob prosecutor in New York, he specializes in turning witnesses against bigger prey and is not afraid to make things rough for spouses, too.

To some, Weissmann sounds more like a coward hiding behind a gun and a badge than a federal law enforcement professional — this writer, included.

In any event, “Weissmann will want to maximize the trauma to his family,” according to Sidney Powell, a Dallas appeals attorney who doesn’t much care for his tactics.

Naturally, a spokesman for the office of special counsel would not comment to the Times on the reported claims, because you know, the public doesn’t have any right to know about these kinds of tactics, apparently.

Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager before reports surfaced that he may have received illicit payments from a pro-Russia Ukrainian political party, revelations that are now part of Mueller’s probe — which began, supposedly, as an investigation into whether the Russians and Trump “colluded” to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton, of which there is no evidence. (Related: Long before James Comey, the FBI conducted itself as a criminal mafia for decades.)

The grand jury indictment Mueller used against Manafort last week alleges that Manafort laundered the money he received from the Ukrainian source via bank wires into his U.S. holdings. It also alleges he then bought real estate and then borrowed money against those properties.

The source told the Times the indictment’s narrative also has Weissmann written all over it, as it refers repeatedly to an inflammatory charge that Manafort did not report income on tax returns.

“Manafort used his hidden overseas wealth to enjoy a lavish lifestyle in the United States, without paying taxes on that income,” it says.

Natural News founder editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, warned ahead of Mueller’s indictment of Manafort earlier this week that injustices were coming:

Brace yourself for a barrage of fake news from the mainstream media that will be catapulted into your consciousness starting tomorrow. According to multiple news reports, the corrupt special counsel Robert Mueller has filed criminal charges stemming from his tainted investigation into people affiliated with the Trump administration. But this is all a deliberate distraction from the exploding Uranium One and Fusion GPS scandals, both of which are ensnaring not just Hillary Clinton but also James Comey and even Robert Mueller himself, who was head of the FBI when Clinton rubber stamped the selling of U.S. uranium supplies to Russia.

Round One is underway.

J. D. Heyes is a long-time contributor to and, and editor of The National Sentinel.

Sources include:

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