Democrats CRAP all over America for Thanksgiving and Christmas
11/26/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Democrats CRAP all over America for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Another holiday season is upon us, which means Democrats and their supporters will have yet another opportunity to trash, diss, and otherwise disrespect America and our cultural traditions and morals.

While NFL players got a head start on disrespecting America, her military and supporters of President Donald J. Trump by taking a knee or sitting down during the playing of the national anthem and display of the flag starting with the regular season in September, other Leftists decided to time their outrages for the holiday season.

Speaking of those protests, the former player who got them started — one-time San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who started kneeling during the anthem last season as a form of “social justice” protesting — did his best to trash Thanksgiving by attending a Native American protest at the site of the Alcatraz prison.

As reported by the San Jose Mercury News, Kaepernick attended the annual Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering held on the prison island Thanksgiving Day:

The event, also known as “Un-Thanksgiving Day,” celebrates the lengthy occupation of the infamous prison island by Native Americans between 1969 and 1971.

“Today, I was on Alcatraz Island at the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering, in solidarity with those celebrating their culture and paying respects to those that participated in the 19-month occupation of Alcatraz,” Kaepernick said in a tweet.

Last time we checked, Kaepernick wasn’t Native American. But hey, whatever it takes to dump on America, right Kap?


“I’m very humbled to share this space with all of you,” the former player said in a video posted to Twitter. “Our fight is the same fight. We’re all fighting for justice, for our freedom. And realizing that we’re in this fight together makes us all the more powerful.”

Except that, again, Kap, you’re not a Native American, and there is no one who is trying to take away your freedom or that of your new Native American friends. And besides, how does a millionaire ex-football player get any street cred by claiming there is no “justice” in his world?

Moving on, a “politics” writer at GQ Magazine had a great idea for his Left-wing readers: Purposely ruin Thanksgiving dinner for their Trump supporting families. (Related: Thanksgiving and beyond: 57 things I’m thankful for, including YOU – Health Ranger.)

As The National Sentinel reported, the magazine went completely classless for the holiday with a piece titled, “It’s Your Civic Duty to Ruin Thanksgiving by Bringing Up Trump.”

“It’s late-November 2017, and you know what that means: Every man you’ve ever seen on TV for any reason has just been unmasked as a woman-hating sewer ghoul. Also, it’s time to ruin your Trump-supporting family’s Thanksgiving—for America!” he wrote.

Among his suggestions:

Don’t show up (actually, this was probably a good one, considering Trump-supporting family members would have just assumed a libtard relative keep his or her distance during this festive occasion to be thankful to be living in America and not, say, Venezuela, Cuba or China, where everyone is equal — equally oppressed or equally destitute).

“For some parents your absence will speak louder than any sodden arguments over the density of pumpkin pie. If you can’t even look them in the eye, they’ll know you mean business,” he wrote.

So yeah, by all means, do what you can to be a male sexual organ to your parents on a holiday.

Here’s another (and yes, the writer actually suggested this, verbatim):

Show up and be kind of an a**hole. “No hugs; only stiff, formal handshakes. During the football game, talk about police brutality nonstop. Take any opportunity to emphasize just how much Bruce Springsteen and the entire E Street band loathes Trump” (as if the president needs Springsteen’s approval).

And so on.

Increasingly, it’s becoming obvious that far-Left supporters of today’s Democratic Party are nothing but America-hating, ungrateful, classless turds who can’t even muster the class required to be polite to those who they may not agree with.

And remember, it’s not even Christmas yet.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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