The greatest things Trump has accomplished in just his FIRST year (that you never heard of, thanks to the FAKE news media)
12/19/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
The greatest things Trump has accomplished in just his FIRST year (that you never heard of, thanks to the FAKE news media)

President Donald J. Trump managed to do more for securing the Middle East for democracy in less than a year than all the U.S. presidents in modern history.

That assessment comes from evangelical leader Dr. Michael Evans, who established the Jerusalem Prayer team.

“Donald Trump did more to build the Sunni alliance in one week than all American presidents did in their lifetimes, and the Crown Prince is now an ally of Israel and an ally of Donald Trump and helping,” he told CBN News recently.

“We need the Sunni alliance especially in light of Iran so it was absolutely genius on Trump’s part,” he added.

Okay, so Middle Eastern geopolitics is complicated, I get it. But the fact is there are regional experts out there praising Trump’s ability to make the kind of progress toward eventual peace and stability in one of the most diplomatically challenging parts of the world no other president has managed in decades of trying.

Only, chances are unless you’re a fan of CBN News, you would never know of this yuuuge accomplishment.

In fact, thanks to wholly dishonest anti-Trump media, there are many great things this president has managed to accomplish that almost no one who relies on the “drive-by media,” as Rush Limbaugh calls it, knows anything about.

To hear those outlets tell it:

— Trump is deeply unpopular

— Trump is on the verge of being run out of office

— Trump hasn’t accomplished anything of substance

— Trump isn’t responsible for anything good in the country today.


None of that is true.

For example, did you know that since Trump won the Nov. 8 election last year, there have been 70 stock market highs — the most ever in the history of the Dow Jones markets? Probably not, because after all, reporting that bit of good news goes against the “mainstream” media and Democratic narrative that the everything is terrible under this president. (Related: Great again: Trump-era employment, pay rates, stock market the BEST in years.)

But it’s not.

“Let’s start with the economy. 228,000 jobs created last month. An almost 30 percent gain in the stock market since Trump was elected,” said conservative commentator Tomi Lahren in a recent “Final Thoughts” segment on Fox News.

“Gross domestic product is set to hit three consecutive quarters of more than three percent growth. The jobless rate is at a 17-year low,” she continued.

In addition, the unemployment rate for black Americans aged 16 and older is the lowest its been since lace-up jeans and frosted lip gloss were fashion trends (17 years ago). And the employment rate for Hispanic Americans has fallen from 5.7 percent to 4.7 percent, it’s lowest in 44 years.

Obama is trying to take credit for these economic achievements, but after spending eight years in office without ever seeing the economy hit three percent growth in a single quarter, he has no credibility. The fact is, businesses and real economists are crediting Trump’s pro-growth policies — slashing regulations and backing major tax reform, which looks set to pass Congress — as the real reasons for the dramatic uptick in the economy.

“How about immigration? Wall prototypes are in the works,” Lahren continued.

“Beyond that, the Department of Homeland Security reports border patrol arrests have dropped to a 45-year low,” she noted further. “That’s down 25 percent from this time last year. It’s amazing what happens when the president vows to secure the border, isn’t it?”

“Trump also keeps his promises, unlike the last three presidents, who promised to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but never did,” she continued.

Noting that it would be a “Christmas miracle” if the media would report the president’s amazing progress, Lahren said, “It’s time for these idiots to realize we didn’t elect Donald Trump to be nice. We elected him to get stuff done. And that’s exactly what he’s doing.”

It’s a scandal in and of itself that most Americans who rely on the famously fake “mainstream” news media don’t know these things.

Read more of J.D. Heyes’ work at The National Sentinel.

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