Blacklisting of firearms accessories by major retailers leads to whole new industry: Arms Cove launches independent marketplace for gun gear
12/22/2017 / By Jayson Veley / Comments
Blacklisting of firearms accessories by major retailers leads to whole new industry: Arms Cove launches independent marketplace for gun gear

When you combine the utter contempt for the free market that exists on the left with the progressives’ endless push to dismantle the Second Amendment, you get an economic environment that is incredibly hostile towards firearm companies and gun manufacturers. As such, many of these companies feel that they either have to cave to the excessive calls for more gun control or become politicized in some way just to continue doing business without being smeared day in and day out. Thankfully, one online gun retailer seems to be taking a stand.

A new Internet-based company dubbed “Arms Cove” is looking to give gun enthusiasts an outlet where they can sell their firearms without the fear of being shut down. Even though the website is still in its infancy and currently only offers a handful of products, their official mission statement alone will likely be enough to make you look past that and decide to jump on the bandwagon.

“Arms Cove empowers weapon related manufacturers and Artisan Crafters to grow on your terms. Arms Cove is the premier place that connects buyers and sellers all over the US. By building and supporting these people powered connections we hope to inspire all weapons related makers to follow their dreams and passions and become profitable,” the mission statement says.

If that’s not enough to convince you to give Arms Cove a shot, consider the companies official sales pitch: “Tired of your business being restricted? List all of your weapon related products without fear of being shutdown.”

In case you’re wondering what types of fees and additional charges are involved, you can rest easy knowing that Arms Cove only charges a flat fee of six percent on your sales, which includes their commissions, as well as a minimal credit card processing fee. For more information on the up and coming independent marketplace for guns and firearm accessories, visit Arms Cove’s website.


Websites like Arms Cove are exactly what this country needs, especially considering the fact that the liberals seem to be more determined than ever to do away with the Second Amendment and ultimately render the American people defenseless. They have learned that rather than coming straight out and announcing their plans to do away with the right to bear arms, it is far more effective to regulate the gun industry out of business. Hillary Clinton, for example, said on numerous different occasions that she supports the idea of giving victims of gun-related crime the ability to sue gun manufacturers, even though the companies that produce the firearms rarely have anything to do with the crimes that murderous, gun-toting nutjobs commit. This is an attempt to further squeeze the life out of gun manufacturers, and ultimately advance the left’s gun control agenda.

As a matter of fact, several gun companies are now leaving northern states with excessive gun regulations for southern states where the Second Amendment is actually respected. For example, when Governor Andrew Cuomo implemented the SAFE Act back in 2014, gun companies like American Tactical Imports (ATI) felt that they had no choice but to move out of New York City in order to continue doing business. Similarly, PTR packed up and moved out of the liberal state of Connecticut when Governor Dannel Malloy and other congressional leftists proved that they weren’t backing away from their ongoing push for more gun control. Another gun company, Magpul, left the state of Colorado in 2013 when Democrat lawmakers passed a ban on “high capacity” magazines. (Related: Here is a list of firearms manufacturers that refuse to sell to government entities that restrict citizens’ rights.)

Given all of this, it is easy to see why the up and coming website Arms Cove is so significant, and quite frankly, all gun enthusiasts from coast to coast should do what they can to offer their support.

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