University job posting showcases the liberal nonsense that has destroyed the English language and obliterated reason
01/01/2018 / By Jayson Veley / Comments
University job posting showcases the liberal nonsense that has destroyed the English language and obliterated reason

Are you fed up with Republicans constantly getting in the way of social justice? Do you want to take a stand for diversity and get paid for doing it? Well the University of Rochester Medical Center has just the job for you!

Just when you thought that the left’s obsession with diversity and equality couldn’t get any more pathetic, Campus Reform is now reporting that The University of Rochester Medical Center is looking to hire someone as the school’s “Diversity and Inclusion Education Director.” And yes, it’s just as bad as it sounds.

The Diversity and Inclusion Education Director will be responsible for communicating with the school’s “aesthetics committee regarding culturally sensitive physical space including artwork,” and give advice on “accessibility, gender-neutral space, (and) visual microaggressions.” In addition, those seeking to get hired for this position must have past experience in “diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency planning and instruction.”

If the position of Diversity and Inclusion Education Director doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, perhaps you would be more interested in becoming the next Director of Diversity Education at Middlebury College, where you will be paid $61,215 to “facilitate difficult conversations” on various issues including “microaggressions, bias, cultural capacity, inclusive pedagogy, diversity hiring practices, etc.”

In addition, Middlebury hopes that the person who fills the Director of Diversity Education position will be “someone with an intersectional lens” with “experience in racial justice frameworks and social justice education.”


The Stanford University Medical School is currently looking to hire someone for a similar position, the responsibilities of which include educating professors on “unconscious bias, microagressions, change management for diversity, and other diversity and inclusion leadership topics.”

There are two significant problems with this sort of concerted effort to make colleges and universities more “diverse” and social justice oriented. First and foremost, these left wing educators and school administrators constantly assume that young people don’t know how to be tolerant and respectful towards people who are different than them. They think that millennials are too stupid to be accepting of other cultures, backgrounds and beliefs, and therefore feel the need to constantly remind them how to do just that. The reality, though, is that most people already know how to be diverse and accepting; they don’t need to be constantly lectured from the left.

Second, the liberals have become so focused on diversity and tolerance that they often resort to punishing those who they consider to be falling out of line with their social justice agenda. Last August, the University of Houston declared that the student government’s vice president must go through mandatory diversity training for simply tweeting “All Lives Matter.” Which is ironic considering the fact that saying “All Lives Matter” is more inclusive than saying “Black Lives Matter” ever has been or ever will be. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the school felt differently. (Related: Harvard is now punishing students who join single-gender clubs on campus.)

The tweet, which was posted by SGA Vice President Rohini Sethi, caused a significant amount of outrage among many students, many of whom accused Sethi’s comment of being insensitive and divisive. Several students, including the Black Student Union, even called for her resignation or impeachment. (Related: The new liberal philosophy: Hatred is tolerance, conformity is diversity and consensus is fact.)

It’s hard to believe that we now live in a country where saying “All Lives Matter” could get you into trouble and force you to undergo mandatory diversity training. It’s equally as difficult to believe that we live in a country that puts so much emphasis on race, gender and sexual orientation instead of simply looking at the American people as one people. Ironically, the liberals and the social justice warriors like to call themselves “progressives,” when in reality, they are the ones preventing our country from doing just that.

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