Daily Beast senior writer: “People trust me…but they shouldn’t”
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Daily Beast senior writer: “People trust me…but they shouldn’t”

In 2015, Daily Beast editor Abby Haglage wrote a hit piece about me and claimed I lied about my military service based off of two sources of information. Her article is inaccurate and some would even say it meets the standard of fake news.

(Article by Jeffry John Aufderheide republished from VacTruth.com)

Why would I write about this now? A new video of Abby has surfaced online. She makes revealing statements about her character, which, in my opinion, should cause readers of The Daily Beast great alarm. We will get to that video in a moment.

Before we do, I’d like to briefly address her poorly researched article (read it here).

Abby’s Two Sources

Her first source of information comes from VacTruth’s “About” page. I state in my profile that I was “… a rescue swimmer in the United States Navy and held a Top Secret clearance.” These are both accurate and true statements which I will get to shortly.

Her second source of information came in the form of an e-mail. She inquired about my military service with the Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs.

According to Abby, their response stated I served as an Information Systems Technician, third-class (IT3), and noted, “This is all the releasable information we have.”  It is highly likely Abby left the fact I was honorably discharged out of her article.

These are also both accurate responses by Naval Public Affairs. How can this be?

Poor Logic, Reasoning, and Research Skills

Abby used the combination of the two sources in her article as “proof” I lied about my military service. Here’s where her poor analytical skills become apparent.


  1. I joined the United States Navy in 1996. I enlisted as the Radioman (RM) rate, which later changed to Information Systems Technician (IT).
  2. One major requirement for the RM/IT rate is a background investigation for a Top Secret clearance. [1] The type of investigation for this level of clearance is called a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI). [2]
  3. A brief search shows the United States Navy requirement for the IT rate [see screenshot below].Navy Rate - Information Systems Technician Job Description. Abby Haglage missed this piece of information in her investigation.
  4. Think about this logically. Would Naval Personnel Public Affairs communicate information regarding someone’s clearance over un-encrypted e-mail? No, they wouldn’t.
  5. Serving in the military often requires performing multiple roles or collateral duties. When someone is discharged from the military, significant roles are listed as “Specialities” on “box 11″of the military’s certificate of discharge (often referred to as the DD-214). [3] My DD-214 lists Surface Rescue Swimmer.  Abby does not have access to my DD-214, to my knowledge, nor did she ask me for this information.
  6. Lastly, I graduated from Surface Rescue Swimmer School located in Jacksonville, Florida on May 9, 1997. My graduation certificate is below (I blacked out sensitive information).

Jeffry J. Aufderheide's Surface Rescue Swimmer Certificate

Abby then projected her misunderstanding and delusions to also imply I was claiming to be a “Navy SEAL” (for the record, I have never claimed to be one).

She would have benefited from searching the term “Stolen Valor” prior to making such an uninformed comment.

Can You Do Both?

Finally, to answer the question, “Could I have been an Information Systems Technician role and a Rescue Swimmer at the same time?” The answer is yes.

I was an Information Systems Technician, 3rd class (with a clearance) and also the ship’s rescue swimmer. Everything Abby implied is fake news, but we shouldn’t be too hard on her. She was likely being directed and influenced by management on what to write.

Now, on to Abby …

Where Abby Writes

Abby Haglage writes for several publications, most notably The Daily Beast.  Her list of articles can be seen here.

The articles show a clear bias towards promoting the dangerous and untested Centers for Disease Control vaccine schedule. She covers topics such as Ebola, marijuana, and real-life vampires that drink blood. [4]

The Daily Beast also has a column for Dr. Paul Offit who once said over 100,000 vaccines were safe to inject into your child. We shouldn’t be surprised The Daily Beast promotes a pro-pharmaceutical agenda. This information may become important in the future, so please note it.

Abby’s Poor Taste in Words

The video you are about to see was filmed at the comedy club known as the Village Underground, dated October 17, 2015.

In my opinion, she appears to be more truthful about her own character than funny. I’m going to warn you, her performance is very painful to watch as most of her jokes fall flat. I’ve summarized her notable lines below.

  • Abby Haglage (00:13): “I’m Abby, and I am Catholic.
  • Abby Haglage (00:42): “I feel like Catholic is the only chance I have at getting people to feel bad for me. Cause like I’m white. I’m a white girl. I’m a white girl with all of my teeth. Too many teeth.
  • Abby Haglage (01:07): “I’m just like up to here in white privilege … if that makes me seem arrogant, it’s because I am. So, that’s accurate.
  • Abby Haglage (02:12): “It’s tough being a 4-year-old sinner … like everything you do is a sin as a 4-year-old.”
  • Abby Haglage (02:55): “There’s a saying in the Catholic church. Show me a 4-year-old without sin, and I’ll show you a dead 4-year-old.”
  • Abby Haglage (03:06): “I’ve learned some things at Catholic school, I have to say. I really did. Like how to bullsh*t people.
  • Abby Haglage (03:35): “… If this guy doesn’t know that I’m lying, I’m like holy sh*t. This lying thing is f*cking flawless.
  • Abby Haglage (03:47): So, I’ve been bullsh*tting like a champ ever since.
  • Abby Haglage (03:57): “Lying is a time-honored tradition in the Catholic church. Bullsh*tting is kind of our bread and butter.
  • Abby Haglage (04:58): “There are advantages, obviously, to be like innocent looking … like getting labeled as trustworthy right away.”
  • Abby Haglage (05:47): “I look trustworthy, I’ve figured this out. It’s been this way since I was little.”
  • Abby Haglage (05:55): People trust me with their laptops and their kids … and their lives occasionally. And they shouldn’t because I love to steal. I do. I really like it …
  • Abby Haglage (06:25): “I went to this [unintelligible] bar the other day and bought like this $19 dollar cocktail … it was served in this weird piece of pottery and I was like, well, this is mine now.” (Editor’s Note: Establishments often charge extra for drinks that are presented in expensive or unique glasses. Why? Because they get stolen and replacing the glasses can be expensive.) 
  • Abby Haglage (06:44): So I put it in my purse and took it home to use for toothbrushes. Nobody saw me do it and honestly no one was watching me …”

Abby Haglage’s Toothbrush Holder

There are thousands of topics to choose from for a performance. She chooses to tell us what a great liar and bullsh*tter she is. Is there some truth to what Abby says in her “comedy” skit? Watch the video below and you be the judge.

From my perspective, readers of Abby’s articles should be skeptical of her motives – they likely are not her own. If I were them, I would question her material and sources much more intensely. One could vouch for her character by looking no further than her toothbrush holder.

I hope your seven minutes of fame was worth it, Abby.

Read more at: VacTruth.com

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