Still not convinced feminists are insane? Female students stage “bleed-in” blood-spattered walk around campus to demand free tampons
02/02/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
Still not convinced feminists are insane? Female students stage “bleed-in” blood-spattered walk around campus to demand free tampons

A deranged cohort of female students at the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville is reportedly demanding free access to tampons and other feminine hygiene products – and they’re doing so by painting fake blood on their clothing as part of a repulsive “bleed-in” demonstration.

The disgusting display was prompted by a UF student government decision on January 15 to deny using Activity and Service Fee funds, which are paid by both male and female students, for hygiene products “that would only benefit the female half of the UF student body.”

This decision triggered a feminist campus group known as “Gatters Matter, Period.” to circulate a petition demanding free access to tampons. Like typical leftist lunatics, members of the group basically threatened that if they didn’t get their way, menstrual blood could end up getting splattered on classroom seats and other common areas.

“This is a part of reproductive justice,” bleated a UF feminist by the name of Shannon Matthew, to the Alligator, UF’s campus paper about the protest. “I’m not ashamed of my period, and I don’t think anyone should be.”

Free tampons offered by UF’s ‘Field and Fork Pantry’ aren’t enough, squeal campus feminists

It’s bad enough that these feminists are somehow unable (or unwilling) to purchase their own feminine hygiene products, as they demand that their fellow students foot the bill for their personal needs. But reports indicate that UF already provides free tampons and other menstrual products at its “Field and Fork Pantry.”


According to reports, UF students are currently permitted to take up to three bags of menstrual products per week from this pantry, free of charge. Each bag contains eight tampons, five liners, and five pads, meaning individual students are already offered as many as 24 tampons, 15 liners, and 15 pads per week.

But according to members of Gatters Matter, Period., this option is “too limited.” They insist that more tampons, pads, and other products need to be handed out all over campus, presumably in baskets outside of every classroom, in the cafeteria – heck, probably even in the men’s locker room.

“Heteronormativity is rampant on this campus,” whined Sophia Ahmed, another UF feminist and one of the organizers of the “bleed-in” protest, who’s convinced that even men need access to tampons.

“Today I held a little protest for free menstrual products. If you saw my butt that was evidence. And I say menstrual not feminine because menstruation should not be gendered. Some men get periods,” Ahmed added, in complete seriousness.

What’s clear from this repulsive display of grotesque, in-your-face feminist angst is that UF (and many other campuses across the U.S., for that matter) are in dire need of increased access to mental health services – and perhaps even an on-campus exorcist whose job it is to cast out the demons in people like Ahmed and Matthew.

The unfortunate reality is that the inmates are apparently ruling the asylum at UF. The student union is reportedly in the process of capitulating to the outlandish demands of Gatters Matter, Period., with free menstrual products to be made available at the student union starting in February – the funding for which is coming from an unknown source.

Meanwhile, two student senators, Branden Pearson and Emily Dunson, are in the process of securing more funding for free menstrual products at other locations on campus as well. The pilot project will reportedly cost around $5,000, and is speculated to later include the expansion of about 60 gender-neutral restrooms.

“Sorry to have to break it to you, but men do not have a menstrual cycle,” commented a female reader at Campus Reform. “These kids need to grow up, seriously.”

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