We need more women like Michelle Malkin, a hero of truth, courage and the freedom to think
02/18/2018 / By Lance D Johanson / Comments
We need more women like Michelle Malkin, a hero of truth, courage and the freedom to think

When the internet was born, ideas began to spread like never before. As social media came of age, freedom of speech, press, and expression multiplied. News and information were decentralized, giving voice to thousands of independent bloggers and journalists with unique backgrounds, experiences, and motivations. Independent journalism, science, and research replaced corporate-run media and education. The age of transparency commenced. Eyes were opened. Cult-like belief systems were shattered. The truth surfaced.

This may sound great, but not everyone wants to hear the truth; not everyone wants to take the blinders off and be confronted with realities that shatter their worldview. Cult-like belief systems are a comfortable shade for many. Likewise, transparency can be dangerous, exposing industry’s darkest secrets and politician’s dirty deeds.

Now, in an effort to stamp out independent thought, research, and insight, progressives resort to censorship to stop conservative voices and free-thinkers in the independent media.

Social justice progressives are filling tech positions at Google, Facebook, and Twitter and using the platforms to deny conservative and libertarian voices their right to express their ideas and debate the left. Former executives revealed that Facebook routinely modifies its algorithms and formulas to intentionally suppress conservative news. The insecure leftists in power in the tech world want to control thought and are intimidated by any truth that that shatters their fragile worldview. Insecure leftists will try to censor your ideas if you do not cater or pander to their paradigm of weakness. Facts and opinion are not allowed when it comes to debating topics such as abortion-on-demand, gun confiscation, the naivety of open borders, discerning radical Islamic extremism, and others that those on the left disagree with.


In order to maintain the public’s belief in progressivism and leftist belief systems, the left censors dissent, blocking others from speaking on college campuses and posting to social media. Twitter, Facebook, and Google have been blocking the free exchange of ideas by penalizing, demonetizing, and censoring those who do not conform to the leftist, progressive paradigm that we are supposed to follow and believe.

This persistent censorship by Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter is something FCC Chairman Pai has criticized publicly. To address these bullies of censorship and suppression, a committee gathered in Washington D.C., forming the Social Media Neutrality Panel. The panel included Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit, Pamela Geller of the Geller Report, Margaret Howell of Rightside Broadcasting, Oleg Atbashian from The People’s Cube and tech entrepreneur Marlene Jaeckel. The panel discussed the current tech climate, social media bias, shadow banning, and other methods used to silence voices and restrict access to information.

One of the courageous women who has been exposing the censorship for years is Michelle Malkin, a hero of truth, courage, and the freedom to think. Malkin launched her first website in 1999, her first blog in 2004, and group blog and YouTube channel in 2006 and her tweet aggregation site, Twitchy, in 2012. Malkin’s Twitchy came under attack by leftists internet mobs who forced Twitter to suspend conservative user accounts for content the leftist trolls didn’t want to hear.

In another instance, Malkin’s video, critical of a music’s star’s sexual abuse of a teenage girl, was blocked; however, with pro bono legal help from civil liberties group, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Malkin had the video reinstated. It turns out that YouTube had a strategic relationship with Universal Music Group, which represented the abusive superstar. YouTube used a “bogus copyright claim” to block Malkin’s video just to appease their sponsor. Since then, Malkin has also witnessed absurd, repeated censorship through YouTube, as she courageously speaks truth to life.

Watch Malkin’s address at the Social Media Neutrality Panel at Newseum in Washington D.C.

(For more updates, visit Censorship.News.)

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