REMINDER: Just because high school students survived a tragedy doesn’t make them instant experts on complex policy issues
02/20/2018 / By Mike Adams / Comments
REMINDER: Just because high school students survived a tragedy doesn’t make them instant experts on complex policy issues

The latest tactic of the “mob rule” Left is to puppeteer high school students, parading them in front of cameras as “experts” on gun control and the Second Amendment, all while rehearsing scripted talking points with them to make sure they stay on point.

The puppeteers, of course, are all the same anti-America, anti-Trump, anti-Constitution left-wing radicals who promote communism, open borders and mass abortions. These are people who believe the only thing wrong with the murder of high school students in Florida is that they weren’t young enough. Had those same children been murdered during a partial child birth, such acts of violence would be widely celebrated by the murderous abortion industry as “women’s rights.” (Many Leftists even believe in “post-birth abortion,” which means they think parents should have the right to kill their babies up to five years after they are born.)

CNN wants you to believe that 17-year-olds are experts in the U.S. Constitution and the history of the Republic

Through nauseatingly endless programming propaganda, CNN has now elevated inexperienced, largely uninformed children to the level of “policy wonks” in their emotionally-charged coverage of the Parkland, Florida shooting. All intelligent adults should remember that high school children simply don’t have the life experience to be informed or knowledgeable on complex policy issues such as gun control, school safety or mental health.

In fact, this programming and exploitation of such children for the purpose of pushing an anti-liberty narrative in order to appease globalist forces that despise America should be called exactly what it is: Mental child abuse. What CNN and radical left-wing anti-gun forces are doing to these children is nothing less than a kind of “mental rape” of children who were already traumatized once by the shooting. Now, they are brainwashed, manipulated and exploited by the fake news media to serve as human puppets for the Left’s sick agenda of punishing law-abiding gun owners for the actions of a lone, deranged sociopath.


Note that CNN gives no airtime whatsoever to pro-Trump students, so don’t buy the line that they’re just “giving students a voice.” In truth, they’re only granting a voice to certain brainwashed students who are obedient to the rehearsed sentences and phrases they’ve been spoon-fed by anti-gun activists.

The “emotional blackmail” of the Left is a catch-22 tactic to silence debate

The one child puppet who has been elevated the most by the fake news media is David Hogg, a survivor of the shooting who has obviously been manipulated and coached by the radical anti-gun Left to regurgitate theatrical lines in front of CNN’s cameras. David Hogg turns out to be the son of an FBI agent, and he has now declared that all members of the NRA are “murderers.”

Yes, this is the logic of the lunatic Left, parroted through the ignorant voice of a child who hasn’t even graduated from high school yet. If all NRA members are murderers, then he must also believe that all people who have penises are rapists… which would include himself, of course.

But if you dare point out the foolishness of such an absurd claim coming from the mouth of an ignorant child, you are of course labeled a “child hater” yourself. And as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson rightly points out, this tactic from the Left is “emotional blackmail” designed to silence all voices that don’t immediately agree with every emotional demand of high school students who survived a horrible tragedy.

Surviving a mass shooting does not instantly qualify you as a policy expert

The deranged, lunatic left-wing mob doesn’t want anyone to dare say the following truth: Surviving a shooting does not magically transform you into an expert on the U.S. Constitution (or U.S. policy). While we all share the horror from any mass shooting — and we are thrilled for the survival of all those who escaped the violence — we would be incredibly foolish to believe that surviving flying bullets makes a 17-year-old teenager instantly qualified as an expert on policy debates. Yet this is precisely what CNN (and other left-wing fake news organizations) want us to believe, based entirely on “emotional blackmail” rather than logic or reason.

“It is insane and beyond negative definition what the left is doing by dragging high school students into a public spotlight, sticking a microphone in their face, and working them through the perfect political talking points that work toward their goal of removing the Second Amendment entirely,” explains Lucian Wintrich of The Gateway Pundit. “These faux-indignant media vultures and their radical, far-left activist comrades are playing the puppet-masters for these children. The left is propping kids up as political pawns so that the right can be cast as demons for disagreeing or even critiquing their hyper-political and radical misconceptions about gun safety.”

Notably, CNN gives no air time whatsoever to the parents of children murdered by illegals. These violent crimes don’t promote the radical anti-American narratives of the left-wing media, so such stories are entirely blackballed by the networks. When murders are carried out by Muslims or illegals, the entire left-wing media demands, “Don’t jump to conclusions!” But when murders take place in a format that might be exploited by the fake news media to push their anti-America agenda, they immediately jump to conclusions and begin parading their human puppets in front of the cameras without hesitation.

The non-logic of emotionally traumatized, inexperienced children is now what passes for “news” at CNN

The fake news left-wing media is shameless, of course, in its exploitation of traumatized children to push an engineered narrative that actively seeks to deprive law-abiding Americans of their constitutional rights. This “puppet master” theater, let’s be honest, has an end game of banning the Second Amendment, confiscating all firearms from millions of law-abiding Americans, and turning this country into a totalitarian police state run by a left-wing regime.

Under that tyrannical regime, no conservative speech will be allowed at all. Once the Second Amendment is decimated, the elimination of the First Amendment won’t be far behind. In fact, it has already begun with the Google / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube effort to silence nearly all pro-Trump, pro-gun or pro-America voices. Censorship is already a pillar of the Left’s war on reality, and Leftists quite literally believe that people whose ideas disagree with left-wing narratives have no legitimate standing in society.

Who’s behind all this? As The Gateway Pundit explains:

Behind the teenagers, working as the string-pullers, are the same people behind the Women’s March. They are vehemently anti-gun, anti-American, and anti-Trump – this is part of their sales pitch.

On March 14th, 2018, the largest of these groups, #Enough National School Walkout, is planning a 17-minute walk out and moment of silence scheduled for 10 AM across all time zones. Backing them are the folks behind Rock the Vote, Teen Vogue, Peace First, Rise To Run, The Gathering for Justice, and Justice League NYC.

The major force behind this walkout event is the radical far-left organization Women’s March Youth Empower. The leaders of this group are Ziad Ahmed, the youth advisor, Hannah Rosenzweig, Adam Jacobs, and Jackson Hyland Lipski. They are explicitly political in their messaging and aggressive in their stance.

Teenagers are the new “front” of the lunatic mob that wants to overthrow your country and trample your freedoms

As this elaborate theater unfolds across the stage of the fake news media, keep your wits about you. We are all being subjected to an elaborate, engineered “psyop” campaign (psychological operations) with an insidious end goal: The complete destruction of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the democratic outcome of the 2016 election.

You are being told that inexperienced teenagers can solve all our problems… if we would only listen to them with our hearts! Indeed, if we only agreed to be completely disarmed by a corrupt, totalitarian government, we would all be “saved” by liberalism… just like Venezuela, North Korea, communist China or the former Soviet Union, I suppose.

Sadly, no one has yet told these teenagers like David Hogg that he is being used in exactly the same way the Nazis used the “Hitler Youth” to promote statist propaganda in conjunction with state-run media. David Hogg, sadly, is too young and uninformed to realize he’s being exploited by nefarious, anti-liberty forces that ultimately “eat their own” once they achieve their goal of a violent mass murder revolution. It is the Hoggs of history who have ended up discarded as “useless puppets” after they’ve served their purpose for the regime.

Today, David Hogg thinks he’s a TV star. Someone needs to tell him he’s actually walking in the footsteps of Joseph Goebbels. (He probably has no idea, however, who Joseph Goebbels was, which is precisely why we shouldn’t listen to him in the first place.)

My message to these inexperienced children like David Hogg? “Not being shot” does not give you some sort of magical moral authority from which you and the rest of your left-wing mob can violate the constitutional rights of 300+ million law-abiding Americans. If you really want to contribute to a better society, stop allowing yourself to be exploited by a communist-leaning anti-American media that, quite frankly, practically celebrates every mass shooting as yet more fodder for their disgusting anti-liberty narratives and Democrat fundraising.


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