Content Note: Find all natural health and medicine articles at Natural.News, without any commentary on school shootings (or other political topics)
02/24/2018 / By Mike Adams / Comments
Content Note: Find all natural health and medicine articles at Natural.News, without any commentary on school shootings (or other political topics)

Most Natural News readers know that all the freedoms they value — food freedom, health freedom and the freedom of self expression — will be obliterated if the totalitarian Left succeeds in destroying the First and Second Amendments. That’s why most readers support Natural News’ efforts to protect and defend our individual liberties, knowing that defending liberty in all contexts is a necessary and worthwhile endeavor.

(YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter are right now scrubbing all content and user accounts that criticize the official story on the Florida school shooting. Massive, totalitarian censorship is now under way… their goal is the complete elimination of all dissenting voices from the entire internet…)

However, a few readers want to see just the positive stories on natural cures, natural health, herbal remedies and so on. The good news? We already have a site for that. It’s called Natural.News.

There, you’ll find content that’s 100% focused on natural health topics, including nutrition, supplements, holistic medicine and so on. It’s updated each morning with new content, so check that site daily if you only want that “channel” of content.

We also have many other informative content channels to keep you empowered and healthy

Did you know we publish over 250 unique website content “channels” that are updated each day? Way beyond Natural News, here are some other websites you’ll find to be especially useful, practical and informative:

Brighteon.TV covers all the breaking news on science, citing academic sources and science journals. On this site, you’ll find astonishing science stories that often don’t get picked up by the legacy (fake news) media. We scour over 1,300 science and medicine journals as sources for these stories. focuses on preparedness and survival gear, with an emphasis on surviving a food collapse, economic collapse or other disastrous events that disrupt supply lines. Here, you’ll find recommendations on wilderness gear, self-defense gear, food storage and more. brings you daily news on developments in space travel, rocket engines, the discovery of new planets and similar news. brings you daily coverage of pollution news, including heavy metals pollution, oil spills, pesticide pollution, microplastics and much more. covers robotics, self-driving vehicles, drones and even surgical robotics developments. focuses on cancer causes and cancer solutions with daily story updates. It’s becoming a very popular site for people looking for the latest answers on how to prevent, reverse or cure cancer. covers all the deranged, lunatic “cultism” of the political Left. There, you’ll see daily articles with astonishing but true news on the utter lunacy and mass psychosis of Leftists, who have proven to be deranged, angry lunatics who now threaten our Republic. covers new inventions in chemistry, physics, medicine, robotics, space flight and more. covers the political treason and subterfuge that’s under way right now across the deep state.

We’ve also got hundreds of smaller, topic-focused websites that might interest you even if they don’t always have new content each day. Those sites include,, and even Read this website for more links to topic-focused sites.

Natural News publishing schedule now posts two “waves” of stories each day

On, we are currently publishing new stories in two “waves” each day. There’s one wave of stories around 11 pm Central Time (USA), and another wave around noon each day. You may find anywhere from 5 – 10 stories in each publishing wave. (Friday night usually has no new stories, and Saturday publishing can also be reduced, depending on the news cycle).

It’s good to check this website twice each day to make sure you don’t miss the most important stories in each wave.

We also encourage you to frequent the topic-focused websites that interest you most. Our goal is to provide informative content channels spanning a broad selection of interests, from off-grid living to future science and medicine. We do NOT cover pure celebrity gossip, sports, fashion or other useless topics that are largely inconsequential to the future of human civilization.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and despite the astonishing level of censorship now being directed at the independent media, we continue to grow and thrive because of your support. Please continue to read and share our content everywhere, even if evil Google, Facebook and Twitter keep trying to censor our stories.

Bypass Google and Facebook censorship: Get the Natural News App

We’ve just released the new Natural News app! This app brings you articles, videos and much more,¬†direct to you and without the censorship of Google, Facebook or email ISPs.

New for this version of the app is the lab science results library which will begin publishing our lab testing results for off-the-shelf products.

We’ve also incorporated Good Gopher mail into the app, so you can receive email directly from us, without Google censorship.

Here’s how to get the app:

For Apple / iTunes:

Click here to get the app on iTunes (for Apple devices).

Find the installation and usage instructions for Apple devices at this link.

For Android:

Click here to get the app on Google Play (for Android devices).

Find the installation and usage instructions for Android devices at this link.

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