The PC perversion of our language has spread to private schools where “gendered” terms like “husband” and “wife” are under attack
03/12/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
The PC perversion of our language has spread to private schools where “gendered” terms like “husband” and “wife” are under attack

The cancerous spread of political correctness in Western society is creeping its way into private education, according to new reports.

The University of Dayton, a moderately-sized college with Roman Catholic roots, is apparently adopting the ways of the world in pushing its students not to use “gendered” pronouns like “husband” and “wife” when referring to the nuclear family unit.

Instead, the college wants students to remain gender-neutral in the way they speak so as not to offend anyone – taking a page from the manifesto of cultural Marxism that has all but completely infected the realm of public education.

In a statement posted to the University of Dayton’s Women’s Center web page – because where else would such nonsense live? – the school tried to defend its new recommendations towards political correctness with even more PC-speak:

“As a Catholic [and] Marianist university, we are guided by our mission to foster an educational community that welcomes and includes all people,” the page states. “As a Christian and educational community, we recognize that every person has innate dignity because all people are made in the image and likeness of God, and we seek to create an environment where all persons feel respected, safe and valued,” it adds.

A few examples of the “gender inclusive language” that the school is pushing based on this argument include:

• No longer using the term “man-made,” but rather referring to everything as being “manufactured” or “synthetic”


• Avoiding the use of the word “manpower,” and instead calling it a “workforce” or “labor”

• Abandoning all references to things like “best man for the job” and “gentleman’s agreement” that refer to men, and replacing such references with “persons” or “people”

• Ditching common words like “mailman,” “fireman,” and “salesman” – because men are evil, of course – and using generic terminology like “mail carrier,” “firefighter,” and “sales associate”

• Scrapping the use of words like “husband” and “wife,” and replacing them with “spouse,” “partner,” or “significant other”

Many early Christians were martyred for resisting far less than this latest blasphemy

And the list goes on and on, grossly twisting the Word of God that Catholics claim to follow in petitioning those reading this manifesto to be more “accepting” and “inclusive” – like Jesus was, they hilariously claim.

These “Women’s Studies” apologists seem to have overlooked the fact that early Christian martyrs were burned at the stake or stoned for resisting and not accepting this type of heresy.

Nevertheless, this clearly misguided institution is trying to argue that removing all references from the English language to the two sexes of human beings that God created is somehow the “Christian” thing to do – and, no, it’s not a joke.

While the University of Dayton does not necessarily endorse what its Women’s Center is suggesting, the school has yet to address it. By its silence, in other words, it can only be assumed that the University of Dayton does, indeed, support this nefarious gender-bending agenda.

What this further suggests is that the University of Dayton no longer agrees with the traditional definition of marriage between a man and a woman that Roman Catholics claim to support. Even the American College of Pediatrics holds a more conservative view on the matter, its president openly denouncing the use of gender-neutral language.

“Whoever controls the language controls the culture,” Dr. Michelle Cretella, M.D., is quoted as saying by

“This is why linguistic engineering always precedes social engineering. The revolutionaries are able to alter our thinking and behavior by first altering the language. In this case the weapon of choice is the word ‘gender.'”

See for more coverage of gender-bender language indoctrination.

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