Marxist Democrats are exploiting young people like David Hogg to push “revolution” in America
03/27/2018 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Marxist Democrats are exploiting young people like David Hogg to push “revolution” in America

There was an interesting moment over the weekend during the speech of young David Hogg, the Marxist Democrats’ most recent anti-gun hero, at the “March for Our Lives” event in Washington, D.C.

After attacking Republicans and, in particular, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, for allowing the NRA to take part in the American political system — exactly like data-stealing Facebook, Google, and other Left-leaning Silicon Valley donors to the Democratic National Committee — Hogg did something, well, Hitler-esque.

He raised his right hand, fist clenched, in a way that smacked of Der Fuhrer. 

“It is not clear what Hogg meant by his hand gesture, whether it was from some sort of past political movement or if it was just something he did spur of the moment,” The Daily Wire noted.

Whatever it was, social media lit up at the gesture.

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“First it was armbands, now it’s [sic] salutes. #MarchForOurLives seems dedicated to reviving the totalitarianism that brought so much bloodshed last century. The demonization of groups in society, calls for violence, etc This is why Americans own guns,” wrote one user.

“What is this salute? Who is he?” wrote another.

“Not a good look. Gonna be a meme fest with this,” said another user whose Twitter handle is preceded by a small Israeli flag.

“Feels a little Hitler-esque,” observed yet another.

It sure did. Add a brown shirt, black tie, boots and an armband, and wind the clock back about 85 years, and you’d get a pretty good image of what of Nazi Party thugs and Hitler Youth looked like on their way to enslave tens of millions and kill tens of millions more, including (nearly) an entire race.


“Again, while it’s not clear what Hogg meant by his hand gesture, different media outlets like Buzzfeed News published clips of his entire speech, but specifically cut off the part where he makes the salute. Why edit it out?” The Daily Wire reported further.

Indeed, why?

Perhaps it’s because those steeped in Left-wing politics understand the power of imagery — and they can’t have their youth idols being compared to the Holocaust and other horrid periods in world history.

And that’s what this business is with Hogg — the Marxist Left using American youth to push its anti-constitutional social agenda. (Related: High school sophomore video goes viral: Watch him intelligently explain why anti-gun students are ignorant, historically illiterate and dangerous to our freedoms.)

A 2012 paper published by Harvard University titled, “Youth and Social Movements: Key Lessons For Allies,” discusses how important it is for the Left to propagandize young people to push its agenda:

Young people are often key actors in powerful social movements that transform the course of human history. Indeed, youth have been deeply important to every progressive social movement, including the United States Civil Rights movement, the transnational LGBTQ movement, successive waves of feminism, environmentalism and environmental justice, the labor, antiwar, and immigrant rights movements, and more.

The paper makes several claims based on historical and empirical data:

— “Young people can be powerful agents of change.”

— “Youth often innovate social movement media practices.”

— “Youth can speak truth to power, in ways their peers can hear.”

— “Youth movements frequently operate outside formal channels of political participation.”

— “Often, youth who have to struggle the hardest develop the strongest connections to social movements.”

Importantly, the paper discusses how “youth have been and continue to be involved in progressive social movements…”

Clearly the American Pravda media, most of which ascribes to the kind of Marxist, state-run authoritarianism that would extinguish the Second Amendment first and the First Amendment second, is pushing its modern gun control agenda by anointing easily manipulated youth as the new ambassadors of “change” — just like Leftists have done for ions — including the current pope, by the way.

This kind of abusive child exploitation is disgusting, but when the practitioners have no morals or scruples there won’t be any limitations to their shamefulness.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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