Wikipedia is “warning” Facebook readers about Breitbart News stories but it’s Wikipedia that has the REAL credibility problem
04/08/2018 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Wikipedia is “warning” Facebook readers about Breitbart News stories but it’s Wikipedia that has the REAL credibility problem

In recent days Breitbart News reported that all of its stories posted on Facebook now come with a button that says “About this article” that, when clicked, carries a ‘warning’ from the online ‘encyclopedia’ site Wikipedia.

“Facebook is displaying a link to Wikipedia’s smear-job description of Breitbart News next to all Breitbart articles shared on the site. The linked Wikipedia article describes Breitbart as a ‘far-right site’ that publishes ‘falsehoods, conspiracy theories, and intentionally misleading stories,’” the news site reported, adding:

The social network, which has been under pressure from Democrats and the mainstream media since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, has added a button marked “about this article” next to all posts linking to Breitbart News pieces on the site. Currently only viewable for American users, the button brings up a pop-up screen that displays Wikipedia’s misleading description of Breitbart News.

I had to laugh a little when I saw the story because frankly, it takes hypocrisy to new heights. (Related: Wikipedia banned by university! Join the real truth movement at Truth Wiki.)

Conservative, yes, but not “far-right” and what’s more, Breitbart is a highly reliable and credible source of daily news and information. The site does not deserve to have its journalists labeled “ideologically driven” (especially when every single establishment media reporter is ideologically driven but they don’t get labeled as such and their news stories don’t come with Wikipedia’s content ‘warning’).


But more than that, if ever there was a website that has a serious credibility problem it’s Wikipedia.


— In January 2017, as President-elect Trump was nearing inauguration, UC-Berkeley professor Michal Gelobter launched a course instructing his students to edit Wikipedia to advance an “environmental justice” narrative. He encouraged his students to “edit and/or create Wikipedia articles in order to create a neutral, well-documented record of the assaults on the environment and environmental justice expected to unfold early in the Trump Presidency.” Noted Breitbart: “Despite the clear bias of the course description, Helaine Blumenthal of the Wiki Education Foundation, which oversees such editing projects, posted it to Wikipedia without any alterations.” Gelobter was eventually banned from Wikipedia.

— In the midst of CNN’s blackmail of a Reddit user who created a wrestling-themed meme featuring Trump ‘body-slamming’ the network, an editor created a Wikipedia page about it. But other site editors quickly buried the story by moving the content into the bottom section of an entry about CNN controversies. About two dozen Leftist editors supported the move saying it violated Wikipedia’s policy of not reporting news. But five of those editors “showed a double standard, having previously voted to keep an article on Trump’s disclosure of intelligence about ISIS threats in a meeting with Russia where the same policy would apply,” Breitbart reported.

— As Natural News reported in July 2013: “A lawsuit filed against the Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) near San Diego, California, was recently dismissed after a judge ruled that the plaintiffs in the case had used a phony source of information for their argument: Wikipedia. In what appears to be a growing trend, an increasing number of people are now realizing that just because Wikipedia is popular and mainstream does not necessarily mean that it is accurate or reliable, especially as the answer to the question of who actually controls Wikipedia is still up for debate.”

— The site has also been exposed as a junk science propaganda mill for Big Pharma. “Wikipedia claims to be run by volunteers, but it is actually edited by corporate-paid trolls — particularly on topics such as GMOs, vaccines, chemotherapy, and pharmaceuticals” with many ‘volunteers’ “paid by drug companies, food giants and the biotech industry to censor information,” Natural News reported separately.

Facebook’s inclusion of a Wikipedia-produced “warning” for all Breitbart News content takes comical hypocrisy to new heights.

Don’t be duped by Wikipedia’s ‘warning’ — get real news updated throughout the day at

J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

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