Universities are terrorist training camps: Students storm school library to “denounce conservatives”
05/14/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
Universities are terrorist training camps: Students storm school library to “denounce conservatives”

Believing in equal opportunity, limited government, free markets, and individual liberty, among other conservative viewpoints, now represents “white supremacy” – at least according to a group of deranged and violent radicals occupying Columbia University in New York City.

A mob of about 20 students who collectively refer to themselves as the “Liberation Coalition” decided to storm Columbia’s library recently to express their opposition to conservatism, screaming and causing a ruckus over the fact that the school allowed the College Republicans group to invite conservative speakers like Dennis Prager, Ann Coulter, and Anthony Scaramucci to give talks on campus last fall.

Video footage captured by The Columbia Spectator and posted to Facebook depicts a hostile group of sour-faced and mostly brown- and black-skinned people blocking the hallways in the Columbia library while holding up signs with the words, “DECOLONIZE COLUMBIA,” and “DIVEST FROM WHITE SUPREMACY.”

An angry black man is seen in the video verbally assaulting students as they pass by, demanding that they define “anti-black racism” while repeatedly screaming “Ivy League!” over and over again like a lunatic. This same man segues into chastising passersby about how the Columbia campus needs to be “decolonized,” which he defines as the removal of white people and white curriculum from campus.

“Decolonization involves paying attention to what happened in the past; paying attention to the land you’re standing on; paying attention to the cultures, the people,” the nonsensically irate individual is heard shrieking, clearly indifferent to the fact that he’s disrupting the activities of other students in the library who are actually there to study rather than engage in verbal vandalism.


Getting more to the point about his specific grievances, this same individual is heard screaming about how “almost all of the readings are white men,” and how professors at Columbia need to start assigning an “equitable amount of literature … from marginalized people: black people, women of color, trans people.”

Anti-white Liberation Coalition demands that Columbia remove campus statues of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, along with free tuition for blacks and “indigenous” people

While the fracas wasn’t specifically directed at the Campus Republicans on its surface, the Liberation Coalition was formed almost immediately after the conservative speakers incident last fall. The Liberation Coalition has also been relatively quiet in the interim, with this recent disruption being one of its first open displays of hostility towards white people.

There was at least one other incident, however, in which alt-left Liberation Coalition members decided it was appropriate to shut down a talk that was being given on Columbia’s campus by conservative social media personality Mike Cernovich via Skype. Antifa NYC apparently got involved as well, tacking up flyers at the time in opposition to this free speech event.

Even though nobody was forced to watch Cernovich speak, the Liberation Coalition falsely contended that the “violent hate speech Columbia forced its students to endure in Fall of 2017 was only made possible by a university shaped, more fundamentally, by white supremacy.”

Some of the other demands being made by the Liberation Coalition include the removal of two statues that currently sit on campus. One depicts former President and Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, who was one of the principal authors of the Declaration of Independence. The other depicts American statesman and fellow Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

Liberation Coalition also believes that Columbia should be providing free tuition to all black and “indigenous” people who attend the school, arguing that everyone who isn’t white has had to face persecution by “white supremacy,” and thus deserves free Ivy League education.

More news about feral, mentally-ill “social justice warriors” (SJW) and their targeted destruction of civilized society is available at Libtards.news.

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