Packing Fido’s bug out bag: Items to consider including
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Packing Fido’s bug out bag: Items to consider including

If you’ve already prepared your bug-out bag (BOB), you have time to get one ready for your dog when SHTF.

Aside from keeping us safe during disasters, we can also count on our pets as moral support. If you own a large dog, they can carry their own BOB. But if they’re smaller than average, you might have to put their BOB in the trunk of your car or your bag.

Essentials for your dog’s BOB

Check these items off of your dog’s BOB list: (h/t to

  • Food and water – While necessary, keep in mind that these things can be bulky. Estimate the amount you need based on the size of your dog. Keep extra food and water in your car’s trunk, but beware of high temperatures. Keeping anything perishable in your car’s trunk must be rotated more often than what’s in your pantry or basement.
  • Muzzle – A scared dog could become aggressive, and a muzzle will prevent him from biting anyone. It will also discourage others from attacking you, especially if they think your dog bites.
  • Body armor – Armor can protect your dog, especially if he’s trying to protect you from wild animals or armed attackers. Soft armor vests are lightweight, and they have lots of pockets that can fit the other items listed here.
  • Collapsible dog crate – This can also be used to store other supplies. A collapsible dog crate will be handy if you’re going to camp in the woods. It can prevent your dog from running away while you’re resting.
  • Emergency leash – This will help you keep your dog controlled if they panic. A leash can be useful, especially if you’re driving with a dog in the car.
  • Respirator mask – A mask can protect your dog from radiation particles in case of a nuclear meltdown.
  • Vaccination records – If you have time, laminate them. These records will help people identify your dog. (Related: Natural Flea Powder for Pets.)
  • First Aid Kit (FAK)  You can buy a pre-packed kit, or you can assemble one yourself. Remember that FAKs for people and dogs must contain different items. Keep them separated, so you don’t get confused.
  • Collapsible dish – Keep a handful of dishes because you can also use them when collecting rainwater or foraging.
  • Two inflatable mini-beach balls – These inflatable balls can help your dog swim across a large body of water, especially if he’s carrying a BOB. Two five-inch beach balls will do.
  • Glow sticks – Glow sticks can be used as emergency lighting since they have a five-year shelf life as long as they aren’t cracked open. Glow sticks aren’t a fire risk, and they are powerful enough to light the way. You can tie one to your dog’s collar so he can see in the dark.
  • Ziploc bags – Keep a couple of Ziploc bags in your dog’s BOB because they have many uses, especially when SHTF.
  • Dog nail clippers – Just because disaster strikes doesn’t mean you have to forget about your dog’s hygiene.
  • Dog boots – Boots will make it easier for your dog to walk and run on uneven terrain. Make sure they get used to wearing it, though.
  • A small toy – You can keep a scared dog occupied with their favorite toy. Keep it in your bag so you can use it to make him come to you if he tries to run away.

What else can you do when SHTF?

If there’s still room in your dog’s BOB, include some useful things like flint and steel or some dryer lint to start fires with.


Once you start packing your dogs’ BOB, let them get used to wearing boots and carrying a backpack. You can also train him with some survival skills such as barking on command, hunting, and search and rescue.

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