Scumbag left-wing online terrorist “Sleeping Giants” took money from powerful corporations while secretly attacking them with an online lynch mob
07/20/2018 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Scumbag left-wing online terrorist “Sleeping Giants” took money from powerful corporations while secretly attacking them with an online lynch mob

As the days pass we learn more and more about Matt Rivitz, the San Fran ad agency “guru” who is the brains behind a Left-wing conservative hate group responsible for attempting to financially ruin Right-leaning, pro-POTUS Donald Trump media organizations and pundits.

His targeting of conservatives was being launched and carried out in secrecy — because cowards always operate in the shadows, anonymously — until his identity was discovered and exposed earlier this week.

The tactics were always the same: Focus like a Marxist on a conservative ‘target,’ then incite a social media mob into attacking the target by attacking advertisers with the objective being to take away peoples’ livelihood simply because Rivitz and his anonymous little helpers disagree with them politically. 

Never mind what loss of income and jobs would mean to their families, their careers, and their ability to earn a living. 

But what’s even more incredible is that the Rivitz-incited social media haters very often targeted companies that he himself was writing ad copy for. 

No wonder he was so concerned about revealing who he was: He knew he was hurting some of the very same companies which were paying him.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, some of the top companies represented include Adidas, Chevrolet, Delta, Dodge, Target, Cisco, Fox Sports Net, Subway, eBay and Saturn. 

Again, just to be clear: He and his group, Sleeping Giants, attacked some of these very same companies while he was taking money from them.


Because obviously, Matt Rivitz believes that American corporations have no right to advertise where they choose — such as on programs and through media outlets who don’t espouse hate, racism, and bigotry but who just have a different view on politics and policy.

Only the Left gets to chart our political course

Sleeping Giants has been hard at work trying to destroy conservatives and their media since the 2016 election. Any Right-leaning outlet that can be defunded and bankrupted is just fine by him. But he’s allowed to make a living and do something that he enjoys, all while having his political opinions about issues without being harassed or targeted. (Related: THIS is WHY he left the LEFT: #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka REFUSED service in camera shop by petulant DEM supporters.)

What’s even more interesting and ironic is that after this so-and-so was discovered he has begun dismantling his own social media presence. He’s allowed to anonymously direct social media campaigns designed to inundate advertisers with hateful rhetoric and outright lies about conservative media and figures, but no one is permitted to visit similar abuse upon him. 

Again, cowards operate in the shadows. They stage online hits because they’re keyboard warriors, not real ones. 

Smug and self-righteous, people like Rivitz feel they have some moral superiority over conservatives and Trump supporters, and that they get to decide arbitrarily who has a right to exist online and participate in society and the political process. If we don’t align with his Democratic Plantation groupthink, we’re then subjected to verbal and economic abuse. 

These are the worst kinds of people. They’re not Americans. Not really; they may live in geographic America but they don’t live in America as it was intended by our founders, where political discourse is supposed to be aired publicly and fairly, where everyone has a voice no matter what, and where ideas change minds through the use of dialogue, not through threats, intimidation and violence.

The modern American Left has a problem. They can’t get enough people to sign onto their platform of socialism and anti-Trump hate, so they have to resort to things like economic terrorism in order to ‘win’ — or at least feel like they’re winning.

They’re really not. They’re just demonstrating what horrible, nasty people they are, and while former Democrats are now abandoning the party.

Read more about the Left-wing cult at 

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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