The nuclear option: Washington (com) Post no longer pretending to be fair or unbiased
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The nuclear option: Washington (com) Post no longer pretending to be fair or unbiased

Since nobody else takes The Washington Post seriously anymore, the newspaper of record for The Swamp has had to pick up the slack and take itself even more seriously.

(Article by Charles Hurt republished from

The (com) Post has become consumed by hatred of President Trump, its reporting having turned so distorted and delusional that the paper can no longer separate just the facts from “fake news.”

No longer pretending to be fair or unbiased, the (com) Post has lustily joined the zany campaign to destroy the president and portray his administration as some kind of criminal enterprise. The (com) Post should change its name to “The Gaslight Gazette.” Instead, the paper came up with a new slogan for their rabidly anti-Trump coverage.

“Democracy Dies in Darkness.” It is not clear where the “darkness” comes since the Trump administration is nothing short of a constant supernova of news.

Perhaps, “darkness” is a funny reference to their own deluded stupidity. “Democracy Dies in Dimwittedness” would be a better slogan.

But still, the (com) Post is giving itself far too much credit. Honestly, Democracy does not really give a crap what the (com) Post has to say about anything. Democracy canceled its subscription to the (com) Post long ago.

President Trump, meanwhile, cannot help himself but to tangle with the dimwits.

“Enemy of the People!” he declares. This, of course, draws unbridled hysterics from the media, clinging wildly to their own delusions of grandeur.

Nobody has come to pieces more spectacularly than Jim Acosta of CNN, the formerly admired global news network now presidentially derided as “fake news.

Mr. Acosta, formerly an adult reporter who now plays a clueless whiney child on daytime television, got flipped off and yelled at during a recent Trump rally and came unglued. The next day Mr. Acosta turned the globally televised White House press briefing into his own personal therapy session.

After White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered a poised, thoughtful and balanced critique of the press, Mr. Acosta went into full-blown therapy meltdown.

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