Patriot calls on Trump to pull FCC licenses for treasonous fake news outlets like CNN – WATCH at
08/08/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
Patriot calls on Trump to pull FCC licenses for treasonous fake news outlets like CNN – WATCH at

An American patriot, Gabe Zolna from, is calling on President Donald Trump to take action against the treasonous fake news media by pulling their Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broadcasting licenses.

In a recent video posted to, Zolna talks about how he watched another recent video by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in which Adams discusses how the mainstream media is an enemy of the American people.

“It’s fascinating to me that the left-wing media establishment is now accusing President Trump of being ‘Orwellian’ for him attacking the media and saying that the media is the enemy of the people, when the media is the enemy of the people,” says Adams in the video.

“Thank God that he (Trump) is willing to tell the truth and go after this fake news media.”

Zolna agrees with Adams’ assessment – but he would like to see action taken to actually stop the corporate propaganda machine from continuing to rile up the public, creating division and the groundwork for a possible second civil war.

“A president’s number one job is what? To protect the American people,’ argues Zolna. “And I agree that Mike Adams is right – the media is the enemy of the people. So why doesn’t President Trump do something to protect us from the mainstream media?”

You can watch the full report by Gabe Zolna at below:


Is it time for Trump to pull the plug on CNN and The Washington Post?

There’s only so much that President Trump can do, especially considering any move he might try to make against the fake news media will be perceived by leftist zombies as a declaration of war – which will only fuel the fires of hatred against him.


At the same time, it seems like mass civil unrest is an inevitability regardless – and if the President wants to see law and order maintained, then he’s going to have to take action against these domestic terrorist organizations that are trying to overthrow him and target his supporters.

“What can he do? The media relies on airwaves, the Federal Communications Commission. They are controlled, they are part of the federal government,” says Zolna.

“With the flip of the switch, Trump can do to them what YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter do to us. With the flip of a switch, all of our information is gone. We no longer have access to the user base that we have established.”

Zolna goes one step further than Adams in his assessment of the solution to this problem, calling on President Trump to very seriously consider pulling FCC licenses for some of the worst offenders. This would hopefully curb many others from parroting fake news, giving the American people time to heal and work towards unity, as opposed to the rabid division that the Left has been fostering ever since the election.

“Why doesn’t President Trump use the authority that he has and have the Federal Communications Commission pull the licenses of these fake news outlets? Don’t you think that should happen? I sure as hell do,” says Zolna.

“The FCC should shut down organizations like CNN, like The Washington Post – that’s what I think.”

As Adams warns in another video, also available at, the Democrats, should they sweep the midterm elections this fall, are already planning to target the domain names of conservative groups. This would mean the total silencing of all conservative voices online – hence Zolna’s urgency in calling on President Trump to do something before it’s too late.

Be sure to watch the full video clip at

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