Tennessee religious leader calls out amoral leftists for supporting pedophiles who rape children – WATCH at Brighteon.com
08/14/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Tennessee religious leader calls out amoral leftists for supporting pedophiles who rape children – WATCH at Brighteon.com

Greg Locke, head of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, is outraged that many leftists are now falling lockstep in cahoots with the LGBTQ agenda to normalize pedophilia. In a recent video rant posted to Brighteon.com, Locke lets loose what’s on his mind.

“I am absolutely blown away and sickened at the lengths that people are going to to protect pedophiles and say it’s just a natural sexual orientation,” Locke is seen saying in the video, prefacing this with commentary about how his statements probably won’t last long on traditional social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

“Are you smoking crack? Have you lost your mind? Putting your hands on little children? Having a desire to touch and have sex with children is a natural sexual orientation? You’ve lost your mind, people!”

Locke points to a recent TED talk, which we recently covered as well, in which a Ph.D. candidate from Germany tried to argue that it’s perfectly normal for some adults to be sexually attracted to children, and that society needs to accept them.

“No, they ought to be executed is what they ought to be,” says Locke. “This is ridiculous, ladies and gentlemen. We’re talking about ruining the lives of children!”

You can watch the full video at Brighteon.com below:

Pastor Locke: pedophilia normalization is the next LGBT agenda

Locke has long preached at his religious gatherings that so-called “gay marriage” was simply a stepping stone towards much greater perversions in society. And it appears that he may have been right, seeing as how the LGBT mafia has now set its crosshairs on underage children in an attempt to sexualize them as early as possible.


“Years ago when same-sex marriage was legalized, I got on the stage at our church … and I said, ‘you wait, they’re going to try to now protect pedophilia because the LGBTQ, whatever they are, have opened a floodgate of perversity in this nation,” Locke says.

“And now people are saying that it’s okay if you’re a pedophile.”

Locke says anyone who supports the normalization of pedophilia is a sick, demented psychopath who is both mentally ill and demonically-possessed.

“You let one of them perverts put one of their hands on my children, and I will allow my Second Amendment right to put a hole in you that big, and I wouldn’t even think a second about it,” he says.

So what should society do to stop pedophiles? Kill them, says lock. It’s absolutely necessary, he insists, to protect innocent children from being victimized by satanic sexual abusers who would target the most innocent among us.

“Civil societies put pedophiles on death row and protect the children, period,” Locke says.

What about all of those Roman Catholic priests who’ve victimized children? Locke notes that he’s not a Catholic, and that he fully supports shutting down the Catholic Church, if necessary, to protect children against sexual abuse.

“Shut those churches down and put those perverts in prison where they belong,” he says.

“If you in any way, shape, form, or fashion try to justify or protect a pedophile … you are lower down than a snake’s navel in a wagon track. You are wicked, demented, and you are crooked as a barrel of fish hooks. There is no room on this planet for someone who wakes up every day wanting to violate children. It’s evil. It’s a disease. It’s a curse. And it’s not some natural sexual orientation. It’s the most unnatural thing on the planet.”

Be sure to watch his video at Brighteon.com.

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