Vimeo, Criteo and Shopify join the BANNING bandwagon to de-platform Alex Jones in massive, coordinated purge of pro-America speech
08/14/2018 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Vimeo, Criteo and Shopify join the BANNING bandwagon to de-platform Alex Jones in massive, coordinated purge of pro-America speech

The Left-wing politico-corporate warfare against conservatives and Trump supporters continued their coordinated effort this week to deplatform Alex Jones and Infowars, with Vimeo, Criteo, and Shopify joining other social media and e-commerce firms who deplatformed him a week ago.

As Paul Joseph Watson reported at Infowars, the platforms used the same excuse as Apple, Facebook, and YouTube used – that Infowars, a news and information site featuring pro-Trump, anti-Leftist content, was somehow “in violation” of ‘guidelines.”

Watson said that’s the excuse used by a senior manager at ad platform Criteo, though “no specifics whatsoever on precisely what terms of service we had violated” were provided to the site.

He noted further:

Despite the company, which numerous other big conservative news outlets use for advertising, reaching out to Infowars after we were previously banned by AdRoll, it has now succumbed to the online brigading that was launched as a result of Apple, Facebook, YouTube and others arbitrarily censoring Infowars content.

He added that Criteo’s actions were “somewhat perplexing” since the company initially claimed it was a “libertarian-leaning” firm very supportive of free speech. That must not really be the case, he surmised, given that the platform has now followed the same patch as the other social media and e-commerce giants in deciding what Americans can and cannot see online.

In addition to Criteo, Shopify payments notified Infowars to also inform the news site that they, too, would be pulling their services.


“This clearly represents tortious interference, which occurs when one person intentionally damages someone else’s contractual or business relationships with a third party causing economic harm,” Watson wrote.

He noted that the political warfare assault against Infowars began after fake news central CNN called for social media giants to ban or censor the news site’s content, claiming it was too conspiratorial and not genuine (a real hoot given CNN’s dismal record of publishing unsubstantiated and incorrect garbage about the Trump administration and the president himself).

Vimeo also contacted Infowars to inform the site that it was also banning Infowars content citing its claim about Islamic training camps inside the United States as the reason for the ban – even though the claim is “completely true,” Watson noted.

The Left is scared of Jones’ influence

He noted that it was widely reported last week that five Islamic extremists were busted by New Mexico authorities last week after they were found to be teaching children how to carry out school shootings.

“So in other words, Big Tech is now banning us for reporting accurately about real world events. That’s the level it has reached,” Watson noted.

Jones tweeted about the hypocrisy of Vimeo’s ban:

Intelligence specialists know exactly what is happening to Jones and Infowars. (Related: Here’s the REAL reason why the tech giants banned Alex Jones: They’re trying to steal the mid-term elections.)

Former Army and contract intelligence specialist Samuel Culper, writing at Forward Observer, noted Aug. 8 that on the same day “four major tech companies de-platformed Infowars within 12 hours, which is exemplary of the Left’s political warfare.”

He wrote that the Democrat Left has identified Jones as one of its biggest threats to regaining control over the House and Senate, as well as the presidency in 2020, so they are moving to destroy him:

Alex Jones and InfoWars undoubtedly played a role in the Trump revolt against the establishment, and Jones’s circulation is now gone from four major platforms conveniently three months ahead of the 2018 mid-terms. The flak is the thickest, as they say, when you’re over the target, and this was nothing short of a maneuver in political or information warfare.

Culper said these tech firms “deliberately negated mainstream consumption” of one of POTUS Trump’s and Republicans’ most effective political and cultural warriors ahead of the coming elections.

“That’s the correct lens through which to view” what is happening to Jones, Culper writes.

Read more about the banning of Alex Jones and other conservative voices by Big Tech at

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