Before banning Alex Jones, Google executive offered to “fund, advise, recruit” for Hillary Clinton… it’s all POLITICS!
08/15/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Before banning Alex Jones, Google executive offered to “fund, advise, recruit” for Hillary Clinton… it’s all POLITICS!

Lest it slipped your mind (or you weren’t even aware), the multinational corporations that are right now censoring conservative content online are some of the very same ones that earlier Wikileaks “dumps” revealed were actively colluding with Democrats to hijack American elections.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt, whose search engine platform is now actively blacklisting content its owners don’t like, classifying it as “fake news,” has been exposed for colluding with the Clinton campaign via suspected pedophile John Podesta to “fund, advise,” and even “recruit” for Hillary’s failed bid for the presidency.

An email sent by Podesta to someone named “Robby” on April 2, 2014, reveals that ol’ Johnny boy actually met with Schmidt personally to discuss Schmidt’s potential role in what he expected would become the Hillary Clinton administration (God forbid). Podesta explained to Robby that Schmidt was “more deferential on structure” than he expected, and that Schmidt wasn’t “pushing to run through one of his existing firms.”

“Clearly (he) wants to be head outside advisor,” Podesta wrote about Schmidt, adding the caveat that Schmidt “didn’t seem like he wanted to push others out.” Podesta then added that himself, Schmidt, Robby, and a fourth unnamed person all needed to meet in D.C. to discuss the details.

You can read Podesta’s full email exchange with Robby for yourself at the Wikileaks Twitter page.


Eric Schmidt of Google and his colleagues met with Obama administration 430 times to scheme about ways to keep deep state politicians in office forever

All of this would explain why Google was caught actively altering its search engine results and recommendations in favor of Hillary Clinton and in opposition to Donald Trump.

“If true, this would mean that Google Searches aren’t objectively reflecting what the majority of Internet searches are actually looking for, possibly violating Google’s algorithm,” stated researchers from SourceFed, the group that was looking into the situation at the time, adding that this kind of search result manipulation “has the potential to substantially influence the outcome of actual elections.”

But it gets worse, as evidence has also emerged to suggest that Eric Schmidt and Google were deeply embedded within the Obama administration as well. We now know that Schmidt and other top Google Executives visited the Obama White House on 430 separate occasions to work on technology start-ups aimed at keeping Democrats in office.

“[Schmidt, in collusion with Obama] started several technology start-ups, all of them with the intention of assisting the Obama campaign with data mining and leveraging Google’s expertise,” reported

“One of those companies called The Groundwork would later become the main technology vendor to the Hillary Clinton campaign. The company used data mining and other Google technologies to target specific voters.”

It is thus no surprise at all that Google and its connected platforms like YouTube are now actively censoring and removing all content that opposes its leftist agenda and allies, including Alex Jones’ InfoWars channel, which has been all but completely scrubbed from the internet’s mainstream media platforms.

Keep in mind that Schmidt’s actions in favor of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton represents so much more than just political donations. Schmidt was actively colluding with these top Democratic kingpins to basically keep deep state Democratic and other deep state politicians in office forever.

“This is much more than a CEO simply donating money to the campaign of their preferred candidate,” added.

“Instead, this is showing 100% allegiance to one candidate and offering the services of the company he runs to assist the campaign. And then funneling it through new companies to keep everything as opaque as possible.”

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