CNN goes insane, claims independent media is a “terrorist” network that should be criminalized and exterminated
08/15/2018 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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CNN goes insane, claims independent media is a “terrorist” network that should be criminalized and exterminated

The Left-wing media is becoming more desperate by the day as the real news coming from the Trump administration is nothing but good.

In their reluctance to cover it, they distract the country with salacious rumors, phony Deep State allegations, sideshows, carnival acts, and noise – even to the point where it is becoming a national security issue.

The economy is booming. Joblessness for all ethnic groups is at historic lows. Negotiations are moving in our favor regarding the dismantling of horrible trade deals. POTUS Trump and the GOP Congress are rebuilding our military after years of neglect. Regulations have been slashed and burned and taxes have been cut. The president’s approval rating continues to hover around 50 percent.

Meanwhile, the establishment media continues to jerk everyone around while these positive developments are being steadily documented and reported by the independent and pro-America media (like our site). In the eyes of tens of millions of Americans, that makes those of us in independent media invaluable to the maintenance of a healthy republic, for an informed public is one that chooses its leaders and votes on issues wisely.

But to the corporate/establishment media we are not just a threat to their credibility and viability, we are, somehow, a threat to the country.

As reported by Information Liberation, fake news central CNN actually published a writer who claimed that Infowars and other indy media are “complicit in domestic terror” without offering a shred of evidence to support it.

Which news organization is the REAL terrorist?

Pakistani writer Rafia Zakaria, writing at CNN (scroll down to find her) to offer her view on the de-platforming of Infowars and its creator, talk host Alex Jones, actually compared his speech to that of “domestic terrorism.” And like most other Left-wing Muslims, she equates Jones’ disdain (and that of most Americans) for Islamic extremism to (wait for it) racism and ‘Islamophobia.”

“The stripping of InfoWars from Facebook, Apple and other platforms is an important step in the recognition of nativist, nationalist and white supremacist hate speech as a form of terrorism,” she writes.

Translation: ‘It’s hate speech because I say it is, and I’m Muslim, so there. Also, you Americans don’t get to be patriotic, so cut it out. Only Lefties like me should be able to have voices and platforms and make a living.’ (Related: Fake news CNN plants “regretful” Trump voter in attempt to claim POTUS is losing his base.)


“In the aftermath of the decision of various service providers to stop carrying InfoWars content, there are many who will say that this represents an unprecedented affront to free speech and First Amendment rights,” she continues. “As a Muslim-American who has seen the detestable anti-Muslim propaganda of InfoWars content replicated across the worldwide web and popularized via Apple, Spotify, and others, I know nothing could be farther from the truth.”

Apparently, Zakaria hasn’t read anything from ISIS or other Islamic terrorist organizations who constantly denigrate and disparage Americans and other citizens of the West. And notice how she decides on her own what constitutes “detestable anti-Muslim propaganda;” to her, anything critical of radical Islam is ‘detestable’ and thus not worthy of First Amendment protections.

Then there’s the “domestic terror” issue that must be addressed as well.

Let’s never forget that CNN is essentially a propaganda arm for the Democratic Party, peddling fake news about POTUS Trump and his supporters to ensure our country remains as bitterly divided as possible. Much like what a terrorist would do.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Take the word of a gay, liberal journalist who believes the same thing.

Read more about fake news CNN and other establishment outlets at

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