Chinese government arrests wealthy “vaccine queen” who poisoned half a million children with faulty vaccines … Why aren’t we arresting vaccine poisoners in America?
08/21/2018 / By Tracey Watson / Comments
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Chinese government arrests wealthy “vaccine queen” who poisoned half a million children with faulty vaccines … Why aren’t we arresting vaccine poisoners in America?

Gao Junfang, known as China’s “Vaccine Queen,” once one of that country’s wealthiest citizens, was recently arrested along with 17 other high-level officials of the vaccine manufacturing company Changsheng Biotechnology. The company produced not one, but two batches of substandard vaccines and then circulated them to close to half a million Chinese children. According to the South China Morning Post, hundreds of thousands of Changsheng’s combination diphtheria, polio and typhoid (DPT) vaccines were found to be ineffective, while the test records for its rabies vaccine were confirmed to have been fabricated. The once booming company is now facing financial ruin.

About three quarters of the affected children have been given some form of treatment, according to the Chinese government, while plans have been put in place to do the same for the remaining kids. Unfortunately, the government cannot be relied upon to supply all the facts of the case, as it has been trying its best to keep a lid on the story, restricting and censoring news coverage of the events, and treating whistleblowers as “troublemakers” rather than heroes.

In the age of social media, however, it has proved impossible for officials to totally contain the story or hide the multiple posts from angry parents who have no idea whether their children may also have been given these dangerous vaccines.

Nonetheless, at least the Chinese government has arrested these vaccine fraudsters, unlike the Big Pharma vaccine tycoons who get away with killing and injuring innocent children on a daily basis in the United States.


Who is China’s “Vaccine Queen?”

Junfang is something of a legend in China. Just two years ago, Forbes China listed her personal fortune as being in excess of U.S.$1 billion. Born into a rural farming family in 1954, Junfang joined the state-owned Changchun Institute of Biological Products as an accountant in the 1970s, and from there rose through the ranks until she was appointed as general manager of Changsheng Bio-tech, an offshoot of the institute. Though the details of her rise to fame and fortune are murky, Junfang went on to amass a huge personal fortune – apparently at the expense of others.

Breitbart reported:

Gao’s rise from humble origins to billionaire tycoon was formerly the stuff of legend, but now accusations are swirling that she gained control of the company by cheating workers out of their stock holdings and engaged in other shady business practices, including bribery of public officials. Gao’s 18.1 percent stake in Changsheng Biotechnology was frozen by Chinese officials last week.

But our vaccines are safe, right?

Of course, government officials, the mainstream media and the medical community would be quick to point out that vaccines are subjected to strict testing and safety standards in the United States, and as such, there can be no comparison with China’s Vaccine Queen and Big Pharma executives in this country. If that is true, however, then why has the U.S. government paid out over U.S.$3 billion to vaccine-injured families since 1986?

As previously noted by Natural News, the manufacture of vaccines is at best an imperfect science, and life-changing, deadly side effects are far more common than most parents realize or are told:

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) lists several negative outcomes of vaccines. Many of these side effects are worse than the diseases these vaccines are for! VAERS reports that the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine is “linked to febrile seizures, which are a type of seizure that occurs in infants and young children in association with fever.” While these seizures hold no long-term consequences, they can be a frightening experience.

Worse yet, VAERS reports that a whole slew of vaccines, including MMR, varicella zoster, influenza, hepatitis B, meningococcal and tetanus “are linked to anaphylaxis.” Anaphylaxis shock can lead to sudden death. Many of these cases are under-reported, filed as SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome.

In short, then, our vaccines are not safe either, and parents need to know that before inflicting them on their helpless children.

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