Oath Keepers stepping up to protect patriots from Antifa thugs with new “Spartan” training program
08/21/2018 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Oath Keepers stepping up to protect patriots from Antifa thugs with new “Spartan” training program

One of the nation’s premier ‘America first’ organizations, Oath Keepers, is developing a new program to train other patriots on how to handle and protect themselves when they are faced with angry mobs of Left-wing Antifa thugs.

Founder Stewart Rhodes, in an interview with Infowars’ “War Room” program, explained that his organization’s Spartan Training Group program is largely based on experiences Oath Keepers members have had facing down Antifa and other far-Left anarchist groups when they attempt to disrupt patriotic free speech events around the country.

“We have people across the country who’ve been experienced since” the Ferguson riots and protests, the St. Louis-area suburb where Black Lives Matter formed following the justified shooting death of a black suspect by a white police officer.

“We were in Berkeley twice against Antifa there, we were in Boston, so around the country – and Portland – [so] we’ve already had pretty rich experience in going up against Antifa,” Stewart said, adding that members have also helped out with hurricane relief efforts in places like Houston and Puerto Rico.

“So we’re combining all of that field experience to make sure that we…provide the training and lessons learned from our experiences to all the other groups out there,” he continued.

Stewart praised other organizations like Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys, whom he said were also “doing excellent work already.”

“We just want to make sure we raise the bar of professionalism and skill” as the anarchist movement gains strength and support among a wider faction of Americans, he said, adding that he and other Oath Keepers officials believe that at some point increasingly violent Antifa and anarchists will “go kinetic” – that is, begin planting bombs and using firearms to disrupt events and sow chaos. (Related: As Antifa vows ‘bullets’ for opponents, media yawns and blames ‘the RIGHT’ for all the violence.)


In explaining the Spartan Training Groups, Stewart said anyone who is already with other organizations like local militias could take advantage of the military, law enforcement, EMS, and other experience of Oath Keepers professionals that will be incorporated into the lesson plans.

The training will assist average Americans in formulating their own neighborhood watch, church security, and event security and then “walk them up a ladder of proficiency” so that eventually such groups will be able to assist local sheriffs as a posse, “under a constitutional governor to be the state militia,” or even to serve as a militia for the United States if called into service by the president.

Fundraising for the program has begun

The militia concept, Rhodes notes, is premised on a force that federal, state, and local officials can use in a historically constitutional role to secure areas, “repel invasions” and help “put down insurrections, which is what we’re seeing from the Left right now.”

Stewart said that he hopes to raise $100,000 in seed money to help launch the Spartan Training Group program. As part of that effort, Oath Keepers is selling raffle tickets for an AR10 .308 Winchester rifle, which is being offered through the group’s website. He noted that the program is open to non-Oath Keepers members as well, though participants will be encouraged to join.

Rhodes said the program is similar to the Sentinel Program that was initiated by Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd, as a means of providing additional security to schools.

Participants will also be trained on how to respond to natural disasters and help provide emergency relief, the objective being capable of aiding local authorities and National Guard troops.

War room host Owen Shroyer said that during recent free speech events in Seattle and elsewhere, police have finally begun to step up and become more aggressive towards Antifa thugs. But the violence appears to be increasing, and groups that could back up police would no doubt be a useful resource to local officials, as long as there were no legal or liability issues.

Read more about growing Antifa pushback from patriot groups at Patriot.news.

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