California is burning because of failed, ill-conceived left-wing “global warming” policies
08/22/2018 / By Vicki Batts / Comments
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California is burning because of failed, ill-conceived left-wing “global warming” policies

Wildfires are swallowing up the West Coast, with the states of California and Oregon facing thousands upon thousands of acres of blazing forests. So far, 13 fires have taken over 185,000 acres of land in Oregon, while California has been fighting 19 wildfires and numerous “fire whirls,” or tornadoes made of fire. Over 577,000 acres of land in the Golden State have gone up in smoke.

Governor Jerry Brown has been quick to blame climate change for the fires, stating, “With climate change, some scientists are saying that Southern California is literally burning up.”

Brown went on to claim that “more serious predictions of warming and fires to occur later in the century, 2040 or 2050, [are] now occurring in real time.”

President Donald Trump weighed in on the issue via Twitter, stating, “California wildfires are being magnified & made so much worse by the bad environmental laws,” such as laws that prevent thinning out forests, logging and so on.

“Tree clear to stop fire spreading!” the President added. Left-wing media outlets like The New York Times have been quick to criticize Trump, declaring his opinions as “nonsense.” Ironically enough, the same Times published an article about how tree harvesting can help stop forest fires in 2012.

Indeed, many experts have stated that forest management is integral to managing and keeping wildfires at bay.

Clearing trees stops wildfires

While the left-wing desperately clings to the climate change narrative, the fact remains that bad environmental laws, as Trump stated, are indeed making the issue of wildfires worse. Bob Zybach, a doctor of environmental science and a forester, has been speaking out about the danger of new wave environmental polices for years.


According to Zybach, an uptick in forest fires was first noted in the 1970s, at around the same time legislators began favoring a “hands off” approach to forest management instead of more active management.

In an interview, he explained, “Mostly fuels were removed through logging, active management — which they [the Feds] stopped– and grazing.”

“You take away logging, grazing, and maintenance, and you get firebombs,” Zybach stated.

Recently, experts have studied the issue and concluded California forests are overburdened by trees.

Richard Yuretich, director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory (CZO), says “[F]ire is part of healthy forest ecosystems. By thinning out trees, fires can reduce water stress in forests and ease water shortages during droughts. And by reducing the water used by plants, more rainfall flows into rivers and accumulates in groundwater,” he explained.

Writing for Front Page Mag, Bruce Thornton reports that tree density in forests has increased exponentially, from 50 to 80 trees per acre to 300 to 400. With 129 million dead or diseased trees as fuel,  it’s easy to see why wildfires on the Left Coast are more intense and more destructive than years past.

Climate crock

Governor Brown’s adherence to the climate change narrative as the only cause of California’s wildfire woes is especially problematic when you consider how little the state is doing to prevent fires from happening. California’s massive spending on electric vehicle subsidies ($335 million) lies in stark contrast to their underwhelming spending on reducing fuel for fires in the state’s 33 million acres of forest ($30 million).

“Once again, global warming ‘science’ is a camouflage for political ideology and gratifying myths about nature and human interactions with it. On the one hand, progressives seek ‘crises’ that justify more government regulation and intrusion that limit citizen autonomy and increase government power. On the other, well-nourished moderns protected by technology from nature’s cruel indifference to all life can afford to indulge myths that give them psychic gratification at little cost to their daily lives,” Thornton contends.

Mike Adams, founder of Natural News and, has spoken out about the fraudulent nature of climate science and so-called climate change repeatedly. As Adams reported last year, it is now known (but not widely recognized) that much of the data to support climate change as a theory was faked. 

In 2017, a study of climate data found that temperature readings were adjusted by “scientists” in ways that were “completely inconsistent” with published and credible temperature recordings.

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