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Mike Adams statement on Robert Mueller’s WITCH HUNT: Manafort, Cohen and Trump

The criminal prosecution of Paul Manafort is a witch hunt to destroy Trump. The entire basis of the appointment of Robert Mueller as special prosecutor is fraudulent to begin with: It all started with the anti-Trump “Steele dossier” that was fabricated by Obama’s DOJ to carry out an illegal political coup against then-candidate Donald J. Trump. Obama’s DOJ conspired with the FBI to plant spies in the Trump campaign, illegally obtain secret spying (FISA) warrants on Trump associated, then selectively prosecute anyone with proximity to Trump.

This was all carried out based on a fraudulent premise. The FISA warrants, for example, were approved based on the fabricated fiction document dreamed up by Obama’s DOJ, likely involving Bruce Ohr.

Since Trump’s election, the deep state swamp has gone into overdrive, carrying out a vast array of fraudulent and criminal activities to attempt to depose a duly-elected President. It has been an all-out war of disinformation and lies, involving the CIA, the FBI, a complicit left-wing media (mostly run by the CIA, of course) and Obama “holdovers” who still inhabit the swamp and are terrified of an outsider attempting to bring real reform to Washington D.C.

The selective prosecutions of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen have nothing at all to do with the fabricated “Russia collusion” hoax, which has now been fully dismantled by the research of Greg Jarrett in his book, “The Russia Hoax.” (Also available as an audio book on

This means the very existence of the Robert Mueller prosecution is predicated on a fraud. Even worse, Robert Mueller is actually part of the very conspiracy he’s trying to cover up: Massive criminal fraud by Hillary Clinton, who actually did carry out a long list of serious crimes (obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, selling influence to corporate money masters, exporting America’s uranium to Russia-linked companies, etc.) with the help of Robert Mueller himself. Hillary, of course, was exonerated by James Comey as part of the deep state memory holing of Hillary’s crimes to clear her path for becoming President. Notice how there’s zero investigation into Hillary Clinton’s long list of crimes? (Jess Sessions, got off your ass and do your job!)

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These selective prosecutions of Manafort and Cohen, in other words, have nothing at all to do with truth and equal justice. Instead, they have everything to do with the frantic effort to impeach President Trump by impugning every person who has had contact with Trump, including media personalities like Alex Jones.

Watch my full video to understand the implications of what’s happening now and why we’re at risk of all this collapsing into a civil war where patriots defend America against the attempted deep state coup.

See more of my videos at the Counterthink channel on

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Get independent news alerts on natural cures, food lab tests, cannabis medicine, science, robotics, drones, privacy and more.