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CLUELESS: Most Americans can’t name a single U.S. Supreme Court justice

Clarence Thomas. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Stephen Breyer. Samuel Alito. If any of these names ring a bell, then you’re in an apparent minority of the American public. That’s because most Americans today, according to a new C-SPAN survey, don’t know who any of these people are, nor are they aware of the fact that these people are among America’s current Supreme Court justices.

According to C-SPAN, 91 percent of those asked to respond to the statement, “Decisions made by the U.S. Supreme Court have an impact on my everyday life as a citizen,” responded “Yes.” These same people say they hold very strong opinions about the importance of the Supreme Court. But most of them apparently don’t know the name of a single Supreme Court justice, despite these other claims.

Further confusing is the fact that 70 percent of those surveyed claim to be actively paying attention to President Trump’s nomination of Appeals Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who is set to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy following his confirmation. But again, most of these same people are unable to name who’s currently on the Supreme Court, demonstrating once again how the mainstream media steers the public consciousness.

Many Americans only know about the Supreme Court as it pertains to negative headlines about President Trump

Based on the survey’s findings, more than half of all Americans can’t name a single one of the nine Supreme Court justices currently occupying the bench. Even the most well-known liberal judge, the decrepit Ruth Bader Ginsburg, wasn’t on most people’s radars, as only about 25 percent of those polled were able to name her.

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Justice Clarence Thomas and Chief Justice John Roberts were even lower on the awareness list, with only 14 percent of those polled being able to name either one of them, or peg them to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, most of these same people seem to know that President Trump is trying to nominate new Supreme Court justices, and presumably have a negative view of this based on mainstream media headlines that defy the President in these dutiful efforts.

Fewer Americans support televising Supreme Court proceedings, even as they grow increasingly ignorant of who sits on the Supreme Court

It’s the “idiocracy” personified, and it gets even worse. A similar 2015 survey found that 75 percent of Americans at that time supported televising Supreme Court proceedings, coinciding with efforts by PSB Research, the company that conducted this latest survey on behalf of C-SPAN, to get television cameras into the Supreme Court.

But that percentage has declined to only 64 percent of Americans for the 2018 survey, indicating that as people grow dumber and more ignorant of who makes up the Supreme Court, they’re also less likely to support broadcasting and educating the public as to what’s actually going on at the Supreme Court.

“Two in three American citizens who have an opinion think the U.S. Supreme Court is a partisan political body similar to Congress and those numbers are rising,” says Robert Green of PSB Research.

Part of the anti-televising sentiment could come from the growing feeling among Americans that the Supreme Court has become too politicized and partisan in nature. The number of Americans who believe that the Supreme Court “acts in a serious and constitutionally sound manner” has been on a perpetual decline, in other words.

“More Americans get their information on the high court from TV and online media today than ever before. The easiest way to convey to the public that the Supreme Court takes its responsibilities seriously as a constitutional court would be to permit Americans to view the Court oral arguments unfiltered through TV or online.”

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