Health Ranger declares Natural News a “Pro-Life” publisher, dedicated to protecting life, health and truth for all divine beings
02/01/2019 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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Health Ranger declares Natural News a “Pro-Life” publisher, dedicated to protecting life, health and truth for all divine beings

With Democrats now aggressively pushing for legalized child murder / infanticide, it’s important to affirm where we all stand on this issue. Today, I’m announcing that Natural News is officially a “pro-life” publisher in the greatest sense: We protect and support all LIFE, encompassing human life, animal life, plant life, ecological life and especially the lives of the unborn innocents who are now being targeted by deranged, violent Leftists who have been possessed by a demonic bloodlust.

With the recent child murder provision signed into law in New York — and the Governor of Virginia declaring his support of post-birth infanticide — the Democrat party has now become the party that murders children with celebration and glee. Make note that any political party which assigns zero value to a human baby is just one small step away from carrying out the genocidal murder of political opponents. To them, life means nothing.

The next step for Democrats is a nationwide ethnic cleansing to eliminate all Christians, conservatives and Trump supporters

It’s now clear that if the Democrats could disarm American conservatives and Trump supporters, they would order and carry out a nationwide ethnic cleansing massacre to eliminate conservatives, Christians and patriots. This is who Democrats are: Mass murderers and evil demons who exhibit the exact opposite of “tolerance” or “coexistence.” They can’t even coexist alongside a harmless human infant without wanting to murder it… how much tolerance do you think they really have for people who have political opinions the Left Cult finds “offensive?”


Important note: The deranged, violent Left demonstrates exactly why Americans should never give up your guns, not under any circumstances. Not even if the lunatic Left outlaws them. The minute you voluntarily disarm yourself, the Left will launch a whole new Holocaust genocide agenda against Christians and conservatives. They are violent murderers, after all, and if they’re willing to murder their own babies, do you think they will even hesitate for a moment to murder you?

Natural News is Pro-Life

Today I’m publishing an extended, one-hour podcast that explains exactly what we believe here at Natural News. We are Pro-Life. We defend the unborn, the innocent and the divinity of human life. And we pray to God for divine protection to help us defeat the DEMONcrats who are now taking over society, running mass censorship, economic sabotage, domestic terrorism and criminalization campaigns to silence and destroy their political opponents.

Democrats truly won’t be happy until they murder every last Christian, conservative or Trump supporter in the country. It’s time to realized that’s what they want, and they won’t be stopped by any “civil” method (such as voting at the ballot box or trying to appeal to logic or reason). The only way to stop the DEMONcrats is to force them to stop. Be prepared to defend your life against radical left-wing tyranny. Be prepared to recognize the demons that now inhabit the DEMONcrats, and be prepared to send them all back to Hell, where they originally came from.

A cosmic, Biblical war is now upon us, and the war is truly LIFE vs. DEATH. The Democrats want death. We support LIFE. Which side are you on?

Listen to my full podcast here:


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