How much do left-wing Californians HATE America? They now say the Pledge of Allegiance is racist and full of “white nationalism”
02/05/2019 / By Lance D Johanson / Comments
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How much do left-wing Californians HATE America? They now say the Pledge of Allegiance is racist and full of “white nationalism”

Emotionally-unstable and in need of “safe spaces,” left-wing Californians hate their country and the principles it stands for. This couldn’t be more evident than when the president of the Santa Barbara City College Board of Trustees, Robert Miller, announced an end to the pledge of allegiance during board meetings because it is “steeped in expressions of nativism and white nationalism.” According to Miller, the pledge of allegiance implies racism, heralding white-skinned people as the superior race.

Robert Miller expressly stated in an email that he decided to “discontinue use of the Pledge of Allegiance” at board meetings because of its “symbolism” and history of white supremacy. Miller revealed his delusional intentions in an email to Celeste Barber, a former adjunct instructor at SBCC. The email was obtained by Campus Reform after live video feed of the board meetings showed new president Robert Miller forgoing the pledge of allegiance.

“With liberty and justice for all” is not something Miller wants the SBCC Board of Trustees to recite any longer because this phrase somehow pits the country’s native born population against immigrants. This is the same kind of leftist lunacy that is triggered by hats that read: “Make America Great Again.”

Miller also wrote in objection to the phrase “One nation under God.” He believes the phrase establishes a religion by law and violates the first amendment to the U.S. constitution. He believes the phrase needs to be removed from campus meetings because, “The U.S. Supreme Court has expressly extended those rights to those who express no belief in God.” It seems his own religion of atheism should supersede two powerful words within the Pledge that speak of reverence and humility. Because Miller is offended by the existence of the words “under God,” he believes no one else can speak aloud their reverence for a higher power; everyone else must be silent instead. At some point, he must realize his “grievances” toward the Pledge of Allegiance are petty at best.


Brave former instructor stands up to leftist America-hating mob

In a Jan. 24 SBCC Board of Trustees meeting, Celeste Barber opposed Miller’s removal of the Pledge of Allegiance. “You are an elected body at a public institution serving a community college,” Barber said. The meeting was overrun by the America-hating leftists mobs from the college campus. During the meeting, these entitled leftists sat down during the Pledge of Allegiance, stomped on the ground, and shouted after Barber spoke.

“When you recite the Pledge of Allegiance, you are recommitting your oath to uphold and defend this country’s constitution.” Barber recalls a time when she lived behind the wall in East Berlin and held the flag dear because “that bit of cloth represented home in a faraway place.” Barber’s reverence for the flag and what it stands for comes from her upbringing. In the neighborhood where she grew up, the fathers were World War II and Korean War veterans who made real sacrifices. Standing up and showing respect for those sacrifices is the least anyone can do.

“We were in awe of them. They defended our country on two fronts from two formidable threats, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, and six years later, North Korea,” Barber stated. “Those men saved the world from a tyranny too horrifying to imagine. They stopped fascism and halted communism. Some of those fathers never returned home.”

The leftist cry-bullies who cross their arms and sit during the pledge of allegiance could never understand the concepts of “indivisible,” “liberty” and “justice for all,” and so they continue to stomp, kick, and pout for a cause they call “social justice.”

“If my father’s generation, young men were willing to stake their lives on this republic, how could I not recite one single sentence professing allegiance to our country?” Barber said, paying respect to the real men and women who fought for true values. Because Barber stood up, the Pledge of Allegiance has been re-instated for 2019 board meetings.

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