If Trump goes down, all hell will break loose across America – must-see interview
02/11/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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If Trump goes down, all hell will break loose across America – must-see interview

During a recent interview on The Pete Santilli Show, Larry Klayman, the attorney for Jerome Corsi of WorldNetDaily, discussed the details of a lawsuit that Corsi recently filed against Special Counsel Robert Mueller over illegal and unconstitutional surveillance that took place at Trump Tower. And in the process, Klaymen revealed that, if this ongoing witch hunt against President Trump doesn’t cease, our country is headed towards a second civil war.

As Klayman explained during the segment, which you can watch at Brighteon.com, the Mueller investigation has been trying to pressure and bully Corsi into giving “false testimony” against President Trump, even going so far as to try to get him to strike some kind of plea deal – which Corsi has repeatedly stated that he will not do under any circumstances.

The conversation then shifted towards the ongoing Leftist effort to take down the President by any means necessary, which Klayman warns will have massive repercussions for the stability of the nation. In essence, if the Democrats are somehow successful in removing Trump, the United States will quickly find itself in uncharted territory.

“This is the world we live in right now … this President is frankly, from the standpoint of our government, our only hope,” Klayman stated. “And if he goes down, all hell is going to break loose in the country – believe me.”

“It’s not just going to be violence by the Left, but it’s going to be violence by the Right. And it’s going to be a civil war, and we’re trying to avoid that.”


Obstruction of justice: Mueller trying to get Corsi to LIE or else be politically persecuted

Corsi’s complaint against Mueller contends that the special counsel is trying to get him to falsely claim that he was a liaison for the now-arrested Roger Stone, as well as for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and various members of the Trump campaign, all of this relating to the hacked emails that were mysteriously obtained from the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

According to Corsi, Mueller’s office is now “knowingly and deceitfully threatening to charge [him] with an alleged false statement” unless he agrees to give “false testimony” against President Trump and others – once agains demonstrating that the Mueller witch hunt is an absolute farce, and a politically-motivated affront against our lawfully-elected president.

It’s something that will likely continue until every last deep state traitor is finally rooted out of the swamp. However, if this doesn’t happen prudently and with prejudice, the opposite could occur with Trump being taken out instead – leading to an inevitably violent clash between those who support the President, and those who hate him and want to see him thrown in prison simply out of spite.

“They’re going after everybody,” warns Klayman about how deep state swamp creatures are not only retaliating against whistleblowers like Assange, but also journalists like Corsi who would dare to seek truth and justice in this society of corruption and lies.

“They’re trying to silence conservatives … This is part of an effort, because they know that the social media, the radio, the television – it’s all very powerful,” Klayman adds.

“During our revolutionary days, we used the printing press to coalesce the colonies. And that’s what we’re trying to do now to fight back against this Leftist war which is in the streets, with vigilante groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter – and that’s to put it diplomatically – where people are being censored from social media.”

Be sure to check out the full segment of The Pete Santilli Show with Larry Klayman at Brighteon.com.

You can also keep up with the latest news on this and other related topics at Corruption.news.

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