The Earth is a sphere, but Flat Earth videos are welcomed on because minority views deserve a platform for speech, even if they seem bizarre
02/23/2019 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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The Earth is a sphere, but Flat Earth videos are welcomed on because minority views deserve a platform for speech, even if they seem bizarre

With YouTube recently announcing it’s going to explicitly down-rank Flat Earth videos (and other topics, such as 9/11 analysis videos), I’m affirming today that even though I am convinced the Earth is a sphere, Flat Earth theory videos are welcomed on because minority views deserve a platform for speech (even if those views are incredibly unpopular or seem bizarre).

This is important to note, because even though I am convinced the Earth is a sphere, I also believe that dissenting views on science, astronomy, medicine, history, psychology, religion and everything else deserve a platform for speech. In other words, I agree with the free speech rights of those with whom I disagree… with certain narrow limits described below. is not a platform for Satanism, for example. Since Satanism videos are welcomed on YouTube and all the left-wing tech giants which are actually run by Satanists, there is no organized censorship of Satanism videos. Satanists don’t need an independent platform for free speech, since they already run Hollywood, public schools, the tech giants and much of the left-wing media. In contrast, Brighteon is a platform for those whose views are systematically censored… including those who discuss minority views on science, medicine, history, consciousness, religion or practically any other topic.

With YouTube now censoring videos about the Flat Earth theory, become the obvious platform to host those videos without interference; with no down-ranking, no search suppression and no shadowbanning.


You won’t find the truth about 9/11 on controlled “establishment” platforms

Similarly, Brighteon is a platform that welcomes 9/11 analysis videos (from Architects and Engineers, for starters) and videos that question the official narrative on almost anything. If there’s anything we’ve all learned in the past two years, it’s that the official narrative on any given subject is almost always horsesh#t. This is even being admitted now by former mainstream media journalists like Lara Logan.

The “mainstream” media lies to you about everything, including hate crime hoaxes, the Russia collusion conspiracy theory hoax, the “safety” of vaccines, food science, medical science, psychiatric drugs and everything else under the sun. Remember, it’s the corporate media that told us the Covington Catholic school children were mean bullies, but Jussie Smollett was somehow a victim of a hate crime from racist MAGA-hat wearing white supremacists.

If any institution has been thoroughly discredited in modern society, it’s the mainstream media (and the tech giants that censor the truth to promote the media’s lies). That’s why we must keep questioning reality in every way possible. That includes allowing Flat Earth theorists to espouse their own views on public platforms like Brighteon… without the artificial shadowbanning that YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter put into play.

Just because the media lies about everything doesn’t mean the Earth is flat, of course. Not every alternative theory is correct. But every conscious being should have the right to argue every alternative theory they wish to explore. The thought police of the tech giants don’t even want people to consider ideas that don’t conform to the establishment narrative. And that’s a very dangerous precedent for a so-called “free society.”

If We the People cannot engage in unpopular speech — or argue minority views on any topic — then we don’t really have the freedom to think, do we?

Rest assured, as much as I disagree with the Flat Earth theory, Flat Earth videos on will not be downranked in any way. They are ranked exactly the same as any other video, largely based on their title and keyword tags. We don’t track users or profile user behavior, either, so an individual’s viewing habits are not factored into any “recommended videos” algorithms.

There’s one general scientific principle on which I agree with those who espouse bizarre theories about the Earth

Although I don’t believe the Earth is flat, I do believe our entire universe is a kind of “simulation” created by an intelligent designer. I believe we are all living in a testing ground of sorts… a cosmic virtual reality simulator that was created for an intelligent purpose. Within that simulation, the Creator also created the laws of physics, the Big Bang and everything that naturally followed. From my point of view, that includes spherical planets, stars, heavenly bodies and so on.

In that sense, I agree in theory with the big idea that everything we are seeing, experiencing and moving through in our cosmos is a kind of illusion, a “Matrix” of reality that was engineered for a specific purpose. However, I do not believe the Earth is flat, since the laws of physics and gravity in a 3D space would naturally favor spherical bodies, not flat discs. Nevertheless, I agree with the principle of asking really big questions and questioning reality as a whole. Thus, the process of questioning everything is a valuable process, and those who engage in this process should in no way be artificially censored or silenced just because the establishment doesn’t like their conclusions.

Another important point in all this is why the establishment is so concerned about the Flat Earth theory in the first place. If it’s complete nonsense that no one would believe, then why is the scientific establishment so threatened by it that they’ve had to pressure the world’s largest video platform (YouTube) to overtly censor the videos? Seriously, if Flat Earth theory is so childish and stupid, then why would the science establishment feel threatened by it?

Personally, I find Flat Earth theory to be full of many obvious contradictions. For example, I find the explanation of the sun and moon being flat discs very close to Earth to be at odds with directly observable evidence. Just to be sure, I have measured the size of the sun and moon using an angular measurement device (a precision riflescope with a “mils” reticle, indicating milliradians, or units of angle in the metric system). As it turns out, the angular size of the moon does not change in the moon’s high position vs. its position near the horizon, a fact that is consistent with a spherical Earth and a spherical moon, but entirely contradicts the Flat Earth explanation for the movement of the moon.

Thus, I have the curiosity to check things out for myself and use scientific instruments to verify reality. One thing that the Flat Earth theorists have correct is the fact that most people just believe whatever they’re told, without verifying anything themselves. The average person who believes the Earth is a sphere, for example, is wholly unable to explain what evidence they have personally confirmed which would support the idea. Thus, their beliefs are founded in a herd mentality, not evidence or rational thinking.

Notably, I didn’t just trust the “official” view on the Earth and the moon; I verified the size of the moon myself. This is important since the moon’s apparent size is a rather convincing optical illusion when it is near the horizon (where it looks really large). There’s even a saying in Taiwan: “The moon in America is larger.” That’s because America has more wide open spaces where people have the opportunity to see the moon near the equator, where it appears to be unusually large. Yet according to Flat Earth theory, the moon should appear the largest when it is directly overhead, while diminishing in relative (angular) size as it approaches the horizon. If you measure the diameter of the moon using a milliradians reticle, you will find that the diameter of the moon does not change at all, no matter where it appears in the sky.

You can use to present your own theories, and they’re (almost) all welcomed

The beauty in all this is that, should you disagree with my moon measurement assessment, you are free to use to present your own arguments and evidence. In fact, we welcome your use of Brighteon for that purpose.

Sign up today (it’s free) and enjoy Brighteon as a platform for free speech. We are currently in the process of a huge R&D overhaul, and when Brighteon 2.0 is rolled out this April, it will be even better. We do not allow videos espousing Satanism or demonic content.

Currently, we have a ban on video game videos (i.e. video footage of people playing video games) due to the immense storage costs associated with those videos, but that ban will be lifted in April when we roll out Brighteon 2.0, because our new infrastructure dramatically lowers our storage costs and enables us to ease restrictions that have been in place so far.

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