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Why gun control will FAIL: People will simply refuse to obey unconstitutional firearms laws because Democrats have set the precedent for refusing to obey laws you don’t like

For years Democrat-run states have gotten away with implementing so-called “sanctuary city” policies that contravene federal immigration laws either because Uncle Sam refused to enforce them or, in the age of POTUS Donald Trump, because too many federal judges are better judicial activists than interpreters of the Constitution.

The same is true for marijuana laws. Democrat-run states decided a few years ago they would flout federal drug laws prohibiting the recreational use of marijuana by passing state ballot initiatives ‘legalizing’ pot. Mind you, pot’s not legal as far as the federal government is concerned, but when the law isn’t enforced, then lawlessness is what we get.

That said, when Democrats are flouting the law, that’s okay; Democrats, as we’re constantly reminded, are the most moral, upstanding, righteous political creatures on the planet. But when others flout laws they pass, then, suddenly, we have a “constitutional crisis” on our hands. 

Case in point: Voters in Washington passed Initiative 1639, or I-1639 as it’s more popularly known, in November, a ballot issue that calls for strict new gun control measures including “enhanced background checks,” a 10-day waiting period before the delivery of a “semi-automatic assault rifle,” proof of gun safety training within the past five years (or you can’t buy a gun), and “secure storage” of firearms, whatever that means. 

As it turns out, nearly half of the state’s sheriffs, or about 20 of them, are refusing to enforce the law, especially while a lawsuit seeking to overturn it makes its way through the courts, because they don’t believe it comports well with the Second Amendment’s “shall not be infringed” provision. In addition, a number of county governments have passed their own ordinances opposing the enforcement of I-1639. (Related: The possibility for civil discourse is OVER in America… “vote and buy guns” says former federal prosecutor, because the Left has gone lawless.)

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As the Left-wing Guardian newspaper reports:

The moves may pose a significant threat to Washington’s ambitious agenda on firearms reform, and some activists say it is beginning to resemble a full-scale “constitutionalist” revolt against gun control.

Democrats have to follow all laws regardless of whether or not they are popular, or they can’t be angry when people ignore theirs

To The Guardian, a British newspaper, all of this seems nonsensical, as evidenced by the reporter’s use of words and phrases like “right-wing,” “white nationalists,” and “white supremacists” to describe the opponents of the law.

Supporters of I-1639 decry the ‘rebellious’ sheriffs, gun-rights groups, and their supporters, claiming that nearly 60 percent of Washingtonians who voted favor the new law. But then, constitutional rights are not subject to voter whim and opinion polls, are they? 

What’s more, it’s rich that authorities in Washington, where illegal immigrant sanctuaries flourish and public, recreational pot smoking is permitted, are complaining about some of their own law enforcement officials who have ‘decided’ not to enforce a law they don’t agree with. It’s the epitome of hypocrisy but, then, that’s Democrats for you.

So, what’s a Left-wing law-flouter like Gov. Jay Inslee and his Democratic attorney general, Bob Ferguson, to do with these brigands? They have both threatened to call out the Washington State Patrol to enforce local gun laws in counties where sheriffs are refusing to do so.

But will they? According to Liberty Park Press, “The Washington State Patrol Troopers Association was one of the ‘Big Four’ law enforcement groups to publicly oppose I-1639 last year. They were joined by the Washington State Sheriffs Association, Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association and the Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs.”

So there’s that. 

Here’s the problem with Democrats picking and choosing which laws they want to follow and which ones they don’t: They can’t come around later, wagging a finger in the faces of people who refuse to follow their laws and whine that it’s not fair. You either commit to following everyone else’s laws or you accept that there will be those who won’t follow yours. 

Is that a “constitutional crisis?” It could be, but it’s one of Democrats’ making. 

See more stories about citizens rising up against unconstitutional actions at

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Get independent news alerts on natural cures, food lab tests, cannabis medicine, science, robotics, drones, privacy and more.


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