Left-wing British establishment continues its war against freedom fighter and truth teller Tommy Robinson with Facebook ban
03/01/2019 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Left-wing British establishment continues its war against freedom fighter and truth teller Tommy Robinson with Facebook ban

The political establishment throughout the West is growing increasingly concerned that they are losing influence — another word for that is “control” — over the masses, as evidenced by the harsh, undemocratic treatment they are meting out against populist firebrands who are mobilizing the masses against them.

In the United States, the populist ‘uniter-in-chief’ without question has been President Donald Trump, rising from the biggest comedic punchline of the 2016 GOP primaries to lead the party into the White House.

In Britain, that figure is Tommy Robinson. Jailed last year for months on charges of “breaking the peace” — that is, for daring to speak out publicly against his country’s tainted, biased, globalist-supporting media — he’s now being targeted by Leftist establishment types in social media and the tech industry as a means of deplatforming him and depriving him of earning a living.

Both of these tactics have been employed against leading conservative/populist figures in the United States as well, but the way the British establishment is treating Robinson has caused much more of a stir and is leading the country down a path of unrest and violence.

As noted by James Delingpole at Breitbart News, the recent banning of Robinson on Facebook and, earlier, Amazon, Twitter, PayPal, and other platforms represent, collectively, “a terrible day for freedom of speech” but also “possibly even a worse one for the future of social cohesion in Britain.” (Related: Twitter now bans people for posting FACTS that “offend” liberals.)


It doesn’t matter what Facebook said in banning Robinson because it was a pre-ordained act. The speech Nazis who run the place had already decided to act on behalf of the British media establishment and government, whom Robinson regularly calls out, no matter what he did or what he posted. Officially, he was accused of calling “for violence targeted at Muslims,” but what that really means is Robinson was critical of radical Islam (as everyone should be, including Muslims), which gave the speech Nazis their excuse.

Robinson lays all of this out in a documentary called “Panodrama,” in which he exposes the BBC and all of British media and the establishment for plotting against him — and every other British citizen who opposes the authoritarianism and tyranny of the establishment (see video below).

The establishment creates a narrative and punishes anyone who questions it

Before he released his documentary, Robinson held a demonstration attended by tens of thousands of people at the BBC’s headquarters “to protest the fake news BBC’s Panorama investigation of him” — Panorama being, supposedly, an investigative news wing.

The BBC, like their American “mainstream media” counterparts, isn’t interested in telling people the truth and allowing them, as fully informed citizens, to make up their own minds about the issues of the day. 

Like their American counterparts, the BBC picks various narratives that it pushes for its establishment masters. The modern Western media has become the kind of disinformation apparatus that Nazi Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels could only dream about. Working in cahoots with the political and globalist establishment, the only ‘truth’ is their version, and they try to get you to believe it by disbelieving your own eyes.

In the U.S., President Trump is the boogyman; racist, bigoted, and authoritarian, despite the fact that our own eyes tell us that he’s not. In Britain, Delingpole notes, Robinson is the boogyman. Convicted by the lying press in the court of public opinion, there is no evidence to support the establishment’s allegations, but there doesn’t need to be because the narrative is enough.

As for the way Robinson’s being treated, “could this kind of censorship end up creating more of the violence and hatred which it is professing to suppress?” Delingpole writes. “I hope not. But I believe it could.”

The globalist Western establishment has decided we populists and nationalists are a threat to their way of life. We certainly are. And Delingpole’s right; if they push us too hard, they will cause us to push back harder.

Watch Panodrama:

Read more about the coming civil unrest and uprisings throughout the West at Uprising.news.

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