After feminists scream “EQUALITY!” Google study finds that MEN are severely underpaid
03/08/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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After feminists scream “EQUALITY!” Google study finds that MEN are severely underpaid

In a failed attempt at proving the mythical “gender pay gap,” at least as it supposedly disenfranchises “women and minorities,” Google recently conducted an in-depth study into the matter – only to find that men are actually the ones who are making less than both women and minorities for doing equal work.

The Silicon Valley giant originally aimed to uncover some kind of proof that the so-called “patriarchy” is keeping women and minorities down in society by paying them less than men for doing the same jobs. But instead, Google learned that the exact opposite is actually true – much to the chagrin of the rabid feminist mob.

Following the study’s publishing, Google actually tried to do the right thing by disbursing nearly $10 million in additional compensation to these underpaid men in order to help equalize this major disparity. However, the exact number of men who received this added compensation was not publicly released.

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Despite CONCRETE EVIDENCE that Google is underpaying men, brain-dead Leftists are STILL falsely accusing the search engine giant of underpaying women

Despite these findings, Google is apparently still under investigation by the Department of Labor over made-up claims that it is somehow underpaying women – of which there’s absolutely no evidence.

A whopping 8,300 current or former female employees have also filed a class action lawsuit against the multinational corporation over similar false claims, these insane malcontents insisting that they’re somehow working for less money than their male counterparts.


Female CEO says paying men and women equally represents “inequality,” and that women need to make more money in order to create “equality” – HUH?

By any rational standard, Google deserves nothing but credit for correcting this problem of underpaid male workers. But crazy feminists don’t agree, and are deeply triggered that Google is trying to give fair compensation to men.

One such lunatic is Joelle Emerson, CEO of a “diversity consultation” company known as Paradigm, who told reporters that she’s outraged over the decision. In her mind, Google’s decision to pay men equally only serves “to benefit a group that is dramatically overrepresented in engineering, and that faces fewer barriers to access and opportunity in the field.”

Even though only about 69 percent of Google’s workforce is male – males tend to gravitate more towards the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) due to their innate biology and interests, by the way – this is still “too much,” according to Emerson.

This same disgruntled feminist also told the media that paying men equally to women somehow represents a “flawed and incomplete sense of equality.” In other words, equality is inequality, according to Emerson, and inequality is equality.

In Australia, feminist vegan cafe charges men 18 percent more to create “equality”

It’s the same deranged mindset of the feminists who own the the “Handsome Her” vegan cafe in Melbourne, Australia. As we reported back in 2017, Handsome Her charges an 18 percent “man tax” in an effort to boost “equality” – because discriminating against one sex over another is somehow “fair” in the minds of Leftist feminists.

“So the feminists insist there is a pay gap, Google does a comprehensive investigation of who is paid what and … the majority of the funds spent on equalizing salaries go to men,” wrote one Breitbart commenter about the Google study.

“The feminist response … equalizing the actual pay doesn’t address the inequalities because women and minorities are discriminated against in hiring and promotions. Something that anyone in the industry for any length of time knows is pure bunk,” this same commenter added, pointing out the insanity of it all.

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