After swearing off “corporate money” during campaign, anti-gun Democratic Senate candidate for Arizona Mark Kelly exposed for taking cash from Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Wall Street
03/18/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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After swearing off “corporate money” during campaign, anti-gun Democratic Senate candidate for Arizona Mark Kelly exposed for taking cash from Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Wall Street

Democrats love to talk a big game about how they’re supposedly the party that’s free from corporate influence, working solely on behalf of “the people” as opposed to multinational corporations. But as a new investigative report by The Intercept reveals, it’s more often than not just a bunch of political smoke and mirrors by Leftists who are desperate for power.

Shining a spotlight on the dirty misdeeds of Arizona Senate candidate Mark Kelly, a Democrat and the husband of former Arizona Representative Gabby Giffords, writer Akela Lacy highlights how Kelly’s campaign pledge to not accept any corporate P.A.C. (political action committee) money is basically a farce, and that he’s simply getting these corporate dollars through other means.

While Kelly might not technically be accepting corporate P.A.C. checks as part of his political campaign, Lacy points out, he’s instead getting it by having corporate lobbyists pay him with personal checks, “meaning that disclosure records will not reflect any contributions from drug makers, banks, or any other clients associated with the lobbying firm, Capitol Counsel,” she writes.

Capital Counsel, it turns out, sent its lackeys to a recent fundraiser for Kelly’s campaign that took place in Washington, D.C. The K Street firm represents pretty much every major Big Industry in this country, from fossil fuel giants like Exxon Mobile and Chevron, to Wall Street banks like JPMorgan Chase, to defense industry behemoths like Lockheed Martin, as well as PhRMA, the infamous Big Pharma lobbying group with incredible power and sway in D.C.


Supporters of Kelly have been led to believe that he’s somehow Trump-like in that he’s supposedly funding his campaign independently of Big Everything. But the fact of the matter is that Kelly is basically just laundering his corporate P.A.C. donations through the personal bank accounts of the major corporate players that have long controlled Washington through political bribery.

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Mark Kelly gave pay-for-play speech promoting Big Tech in exchange for massive corporate cash infusions

Besides his recent K Street corporate fundraiser, Kelly also gave a speech at the recent SHARE Technology Exchange expo in Phoenix, Arizona, which describes itself as “the largest convergence of enterprise I.T. professionals.” Kelly basically gave glowing endorsements for Big Tech in exchange for cash donations from the event’s sponsors, which include major tech players like Broadcom, I.B.M., Dell E.M.C., Hitachi, Rocket Software, and many others.

“It is unusual for a candidate to continue to give paid corporate speeches after the launch of a campaign, as it allows companies to give directly to the individual, rather than support the person’s campaign by going through a Super P.A.C. or the firm’s corporate P.A.C.,” Lacy commented about this pay-for-play fundraising scheme.

When questioned about the matter, Kelly reportedly told The Intercept that his earlier speeches were simply attempts “to make ends meet” after the attempted assassination attempt on his wife. Jacob Peters, Kelly’s campaign spokesman, added that Kelly is just keeping his word on engagements “he’s already committed to,” and that he won’t be giving any further speeches with fundraising in mind.

Mark Kelly is a paid political whore for Goldman Sachs, opioid giant AmerisourceBergen, and various other Big Industry giants

But it’s hard to take anything that Peters says seriously, particularly his claim that Kelly’s SHARE expo speech was “not a paid speech,” when Kelly is known to have given all sorts of paid speeches in the past for corporate kingpins like Goldman Sachs, as well as opioid pharmaceutical manufacturer AmerisourceBergen.

All along, Kelly’s political strategy appears to have centered around the same status quo corporate pandering as most other politicians – meaning he’s not exactly doing things as “independently” as he would like his supporters to believe.

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Who’s paying Mark Kelly to be an anti-Second Amendment traitor?

And what corrupt, Leftist platform would be complete with a little anti-gun rhetoric thrown into the mix? As to be expected, Kelly’s far-Left influences appear to be fueling his anti-Second Amendment endeavors, which reportedly include launching a new gun control group in Colorado with his wife, Gabby.

In yet another lame attempt at trying to appear “independent” and “grassroots,” Kelly and his wife are claiming that this anti-gun group is made up of “gun owners” like themselves who simply want “reasonable” gun control.

“Strong Second Amendment rights I believe go hand in hand with stronger gun laws,” Kelly is quoted as saying duplicitously, just as one would expect of a corrupt politician.

“Now is the time to come together, be responsible,” Gabby added, likewise pushing the narrative that one can somehow be both pro-Second Amendment and anti-gun rights.

It’s all just par for the course, as Leftist Democrats struggle to come up with some semblance of a party platform that will resonate with a sizable segment of voters. But it’s all just empty and conflicting rhetoric based on nothing but smoke and mirrors – and most Americans, thankfully, can see right through it, and know exactly from where all the money is coming from that’s pushing the narrative.

“As progressive candidates across the country demonstrate that they can win, with or without help from establishment Democrats, many have sworn off corporate P.A.C. money and adopted stances to appeal to voters disenchanted with the status quo. But signing a pledge is one thing,” writes Lacy. “Cutting off corporate influence altogether is another, particularly in Kelly’s case.”

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