Why the “Green New Deal” is a really bad deal for America
03/24/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Why the “Green New Deal” is a really bad deal for America

The incoming Democrat-majority House of Representatives is eagerly pushing a so-called “Green New Deal” that socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders claim will benefit all Americans while supporting a healthy environment. But as Richard Sacks from Lost Arts Radio explains in a recent video he shared at Brighteon.com, the Green New Deal is nothing but communism repackaged with a new name.

While its proponents claim it will create a clean energy future for America, the Green New Deal is a total fraud, and is being used “by the tyrants who want to take away all personal freedom, and do all of this stuff in the name of climate change so that you’ll submit to global government, and all of this terrible stuff,” Sacks explains.

“It gets rid of all the nasty oil industry, right, so you don’t have any more dirty energy technology anymore, and it forces everything to be on sun and wind, which in its current state is a lot less efficient and it also still uses battery technology in some aspects of dirty energy,” Sacks adds.

“It’s also not adapted to many forms of heavy industry, heavy farm equipment, and a lot of other things that can’t easily run on sun and wind.”

Be sure to watch the full video below:

The Green New Deal will put tens of thousands of Americans out of work

While the Green New Deal stands to put untold thousands of Americans out of work, particularly those that work in the energy sector, proponents of the plan claim that the government will just hire them to build solar panels and wind farms – which is neither practical nor feasible, seeing as how government money has to come from somewhere.


“If you make changes like that by force through government decree – that’s how the Green New Deal people think it should be done … first of all, you put all of these people in the huge oil industry out of work,” Sacks warns, going into further detail about how bankrupting a government by creating more debt is hardly the solution to America’s problems.

“There has to be more of an understanding of economics,” he adds. “You can’t just say, ‘well, everybody should just get free money,’ which is part of the Green New Deal. A guaranteed survival wage, or at least a guaranteed government-paid job, which, where do they get the money for that? Well, either going into debt, or raising everybody’s taxes.”

The Green New Deal is communism repackaged

Nearly everything that underpins the Green New Deal stems from tenets in the Communist Manifesto, which Sacks encourages people to read in order to gain a better understanding of what the New Democratic Party is trying to push on Americans.

“The idea was to overthrow the evil rich people, who they forgot to mention were supporting the entire structure of society and the rest of the economy, and steal everything they’ve got and give it to the wonderful people who don’t have as much money,” Sacks explains about the parallels between the Communist Manifesto and the Green New Deal.

“And people actually fall for this kind of nonsense, and all the people supporting the Green New Deal are part of that. They think they’re just going to create utopia, like all communist people do, and it always results in the opposite – except for the people in charge of it.”

The Green New Deal will eliminate health freedom

Another failed plank of the Green New Deal is its push for single-payer healthcare, which advocates of natural health know spells a death sentence for freedom of choice when it comes to healthy living.

“If you have the government involved in deciding what healthcare is … you see, they don’t just pay for it, they also decide what it is,” Sacks says.

“That’s really important to understand. So, if they want you injected with a toxic cocktail into your body, and your babies injected with these poisons … that’s a complete scam. The whole injection idea is a fraud.”

Be sure to watch Sacks’ full video on the threat that is the Green New Deal at Brighteon.com.

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