California now tops the list as the least educated state in America… no wonder they keep voting for liberals
03/25/2019 / By Vicki Batts / Comments
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California now tops the list as the least educated state in America… no wonder they keep voting for liberals

California Governor Jerry Brown is king of the idiots — literally. New data from the Census Bureau shows that California is the least educated state in the nation, boasting the highest number of adults aged 25 and older who never finished ninth grade and the lowest number of high school graduates overall. Indeed, it is no wonder they keep voting for liberals: They honestly don’t know any better.

As CNS News reports, recently released census data revealed that 9.7 percent of California residents never made it past the ninth grade. The 2,510,370 California residents 25 and older who didn’t finish their freshman years of high school outnumber the population of some U.S. states.

There is at least an entire state’s worth of people in California who have never completed high school, with just 82.5 percent of the state earning their diplomas. But is the lack of education among California residents the mark of a failing education system, or something more sinister?

Is it actually an education problem?

As American Thinker notes, California is also home to major agricultural operations, an industry known for not requiring a ton of education. The prevalence of unskilled labor in California is no doubt going to affect the state’s education status. Further, the agriculture industry is known for hiring illegal aliens — if they aren’t already living off the backs of California tax payers via expansive welfare programs.

American Thinker reports:

Central American migrants, for instance, virtually all have less than a tenth-grade education and some of the lowest English-language proficiency skills in the entire world, according to the EF English proficiency index, which considers this skill a measure of development. 

While it’s not politically correct to do so, one might take note of the fact that California has the highest number of illegal aliens in the country. It’s been estimated that illegal immigrants make up at least five percent of California’s total population, with the Department of Homeland Security estimating that over 2.8 million illegals reside there.

In other words, California has likely created this problem with their ridiculous sanctuary city policies and the litany of outrageous benefits offered to illegal immigrants. Some politicians have even proposed that illegals should get free healthcare. The state has taken on an enormous population of uneducated and unskilled people — and those people are now voting in our elections, thanks to Democrats.

Rigging the vote

While the left-wing is championing “the cause” of illegal immigration as some noble endeavor that only the morally corrupt would oppose, liberal politicians are securing millions of votes from people who aren’t even citizens of the United States. Take an uneducated poor person who’s been living a nightmare for most of their life, struggling to get by, and promise them the world — and they’ll vote however you tell them to, as long as you keep promising the goods.


California is known for providing illegal aliens with a host of benefits: Driver’s licenses, in-state tuition, state-funded healthcare for kids, limits on deportations, and soon maybe even Medicaid. While politicians are loath to admit it, these benefits do not exist for any other reason than the fact that Democrats are pandering to minorities to secure future votes.

Illegal immigration already has a pronounced effect on elections in the United States, both at the local and federal level.

California voters may be uneducated, but don’t be fooled into thinking this “problem” isn’t by design. A population with nothing to offer is a population that will take whatever is given to them without a second thought — and that’s a dangerous game to play with the authoritarian Left.

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