Armed SWAT team violently storms family’s home, kidnaps three children for not being vaccinated
03/29/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Armed SWAT team violently storms family’s home, kidnaps three children for not being vaccinated

A family in Arizona is having to endure the wrath of the medical police state after a doctor decided to call the Department of Child Safety (DCS) on them for not vaccinating their children – resulting in an armed SWAT team raiding the family’s home and violently seizing their three children, all of whom were placed in temporary foster homes.

It all started when one of the children, a two-year-old, developed a fever that exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit, prompting the child’s mother to take him to see the doctor in question. Because the child hadn’t been vaccinated, the doctor assumed out of nowhere that he probably had meningitis and needed to be taken to the emergency room right away.

While the mother initially agreed to the doctor’s extreme and unusual recommendation, her child’s fever broke not long after leaving the doctor’s office, having stated that he was “laughing and playing with his siblings” like normal. After taking the boy’s temperature and seeing that it was now normal, the mother called the doctor and said she would no longer be taking him to the emergency room, to which the doctor responded that she should still go anyway.

The mother verbally agreed to this, though she didn’t end up going to the emergency room after all. But because the doctor had previously notified the hospital, for some unknown reason, that a mother would be coming in with her child, she later received a call from said hospital explaining that mother and child never actually arrived – and that’s when the insanity began.


Unless parents fight back, the state will continue to assume custody over as many children as it can get its hands on

Upset that the mother didn’t follow the doctor’s recommendation, the doctor immediately called DCS, which then called local police to have them “check” on the family – which is similar to what happened to a Michigan mother who refused to give her daughter antipsychotic medications based on doctor recommendations. Two police officers arrived at the home and claim they knocked on the family’s door and received no response.

Officers further claimed they heard someone “coughing” inside, before being approached by a neighbor who, after being told what was going on, responded to say that the person they were looking for “was a good mother.”

The officers asked the neighbor to call the mother, which she did, and during this time a DCS case worker arrived, who updated the police on the status of the child, which no longer had a fever. One of the officers then called the doctor, who once again repeated her recommendation that the mother take the child to hospital.

At this point in time, the case worker reportedly informed officers that DCS was planning to obtain a “temporary custody notice” from a judge to remove the child in question from the home for “emergency medical aid.”

A court order was later issued, and the police officers decided that, if the family didn’t respond to their knocking, which was after midnight at this point, then they were going to engage in “forced entry” of the premises. At around 1 am, officers busted down the family’s door, one with a shield in hand and the other outfit in “lethal coverage,” and proceeded to remove all of the children from their parents’ custody.

The children were quickly placed in separate foster homes, and 10 days later the case went to court – and all the while DCS was doing everything it possibly could to make the situation as difficult as possible for the family.

Despite arguments from the family’s lawyer that they did what they believed to be the best thing for the child who had the fever, the judge ultimately sided with the state and DCS, telling the parents that they needed to “remember” that the state had a “family-reunification plan” in place, whatever that means.

“The children’s grandparents are undergoing a DCS review, and hope to be permitted to temporarily shelter the kids once that’s approved,” writes Lenore Skenazy for Metro Voice News about the case. “But there’s no telling how long it will be before the kids can just go home to mom and dad.”

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