NewsGuard browser filter validated all sources pushing Russian collusion hoax… while banning all independent media sources that got the story right
03/29/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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NewsGuard browser filter validated all sources pushing Russian collusion hoax… while banning all independent media sources that got the story right

Whatever remaining semblance of credibility that the mainstream media still had just a week ago has since vanished into the abyss following the revelation that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, as per the findings of the Mueller report. So what’s to become of these propaganda monoliths and their social media lackeys, including Microsoft’s infamous “NewsGuard” browser filter that “validated” nearly every single fake news outlet that pushed the ridiculous Russia hoax as “credible,” now that the whole agitprop has been debunked?

For at least the past two years, in case you didn’t notice, MSNBC, The Washington Post, CNN, Buzzfeed, and many other shameless disinformation outlets sowed as much social strife and political division as they could get away with, separating Americans from one another based on lies and conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump allegedly having secret ties to the Kremlin. And they had help from none other than NewsGuard, a web browser plug-in that, as we earlier reported, tagged all independent news outlets covering the hoax as “unapproved” content, while giving “approved” green check marks to all the fake news outlets.

Similar to how Twitter gives blue checkmarks to “official” Twitter accounts run by deep state operatives and Hollywood celebrities, whose opinions align with the official narrative, NewsGuard had one purpose: to sway as many internet users as possible to reject honest reporting as “fake,” and to accept the lies as “truth.” But now that the cat’s out of the bag, and Russiagate has officially been exposed as a treasonous plot to unseat a lawfully-elected president, chances are that NewsGuard will go the way of the dodo bird – but will there be consequences?


“This now-proven conspiracy theory, the impetus behind an achingly long, multi-million dollar investigation that achieved little beyond the indictment of largely decent people for process crimes, was largely the product of fantasies from deranged Trumpophobes in the left-wing and conservative establishment who believed that only a foreign power could be responsible for what was, in their minds, the inexplicable Trump election,” writes Allum Bokhari for Breitbart News, highlighting how Big Tech colluded with fake news and Leftist Democrats in an attempted coup on our Commander-in-Chief.

“This narrative was taken up by the corporate-owned press, which did everything they could to promote the fiction that President Trump and his team colluded with a foreign power. It included BuzzFeed and CNN promoting a fake story about Trump using Russian prostitutes. It included a fake story from CNN about Wikileaks passing emails to Donald Trump Jr. It included a fake story from BuzzFeed about Trump directing his lawyer to lie to Congress.”

Big Tech, mainstream media, and Leftist Democrats: the unholy trifecta of lies and disinformation

Whether NewsGuard continues to exist or not would seem to be irrelevant at this point, seeing as how Americans on both sides of the aisle are now able to clearly see that they were lied to by the powers that be about President Trump. Whether Bill Gates and the rest of the Microsoft cronies put green checkmarks on a hyperlink or not, in other words, the veil has been lifted, and the truth can no longer be suppressed.

“Every journalist who pushed the Russiagate hoax has a blue checkmark on Twitter,” says Bokhari. “The media outlets who published fake stories purportedly linking Trump to Russia, now totally debunked, are artificially boosted in YouTube and Google and Facebook’s algorithms. And with the NewsGuard browser plugin installed and activated (it comes pre-installed on Microsoft Edge mobile browsers only requiring activation), just watch as your web browser adds a green ‘trustworthy’ tick next to these demonstrably false stories.”

Be sure to read Bokhari’s full analysis at this link.

You can also read more stories about how the mainstream media and Big Tech colluded together to pull one of the biggest political hoaxes in history on the American people at

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