Be your own Mr. Wick: Identifying and effectively using 10 makeshift weapons
10/23/2019 / By Darnel Fernandez / Comments
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Be your own Mr. Wick: Identifying and effectively using 10 makeshift weapons

Many preppers go out of their way to figure out what weapon they should carry in case SHTF. More often than not, the best deterrent is a trusty gun. But if you don’t own a gun or can’t get to it in time, you may find yourself in a pickle. This is where improvised weaponry comes in. (h/t to

Even you could take on three men in a bar with a pencil

Improvised weapons come in two types: weapons you can craft and weapons you can pick up wherever. Anywhere you may be, in your office or even your local grocery store, you can find makeshift weapons against potential attackers. With good observational skills and a little creativity, you can pick out which item could be useful at the moment. As for crafted weaponry, these can be more effective and specialized compared to their found-object counterparts. They can withstand a few hits and are durable enough to last for multiple fights.

Here are 10 everyday objects that can be turned into improvised weapons:

  1. Masterlock flail. Much like the flails used in medieval warfare, this blunt weapon can bring the pain and shatter bones with ease when whirled hard enough. All you need is a long and thick chain affixed with a heavy padlock at the end. Lock and chains are readily available almost anywhere and it takes literally seconds to assemble. However, there must be enough space for you to swing it around to avoid some unexpected injuries.
  2. Spike fist load. A fist load is any weighted object held in the hands to empower punches. The object can be simple as palming a roll of quarters before delivering a good punch to the face. However, if you want to add a little more edge to your weapon, insert nails between the fingers to become a makeshift Wolverine.
  3. Magazine mace.  A rolled-up magazine or newspaper can be a reliable blunt weapon. You can tape the ends to improve durability and even load them with any weighted material to give them a stronger kick.
  4. Blinding powder. Live out your dreams of becoming a ninja using homemade blinding powder. One of the easiest concoctions to procure is a mix of spices like crushed red pepper, black pepper, and the like. If you manage to get crushed versions of even hotter peppers like the Carolina Reaper or the ghost pepper, you can make an even spicier dosage. Just pop them into any container, then hurl the powder at an attacker to blind them before making your getaway. However, you gotta pay attention to the way the wind blows or your weapon may backfire on you.
  5. Surprise spike. Plenty of things can be used as a stabbing weapon. Since the dawn of time, stabbing weapons have been a staple in both hunting and combat. With some creativity, you can carve stuff like trophy antlers into a weapon sharp enough to do the job. Once that’s done, all you need is a handle.
  6. Fire extinguisher. Moving away from crafted materials, we have the trusty fire extinguisher. Not only can you blast any threat with a torrent of pressurized chemicals, but you can also give them a good bonk on the head that is sure to get a knockout or at least a stun that leaves them open for another hit.
  7. Hardcover books. “Knowledge is power” indeed. A thick-covered book can provide you with a sturdy offensive tool capable of inflicting blunt trauma. It can also act as a makeshift shield.
  8. Large wrench. Nothing is handier than a wrench when you’re stuck in a bind. Less conspicuous than a hammer, it can be a surprisingly good mace. It is available in any hardware store and mechanic shop, making them pretty easy to obtain.
  9. Key claws. Much like the spike fist load, you can insert keys between your fingers to enhance your strikes, especially if you aim for the face and eyes.
  10. Carabiner. A strong, steel carabiner can act as an alternative to steel knuckles and can be used effectively with hammer-like fist strikes.

Learning how to identify, craft, and use improvised weaponry is a useful skill in any prepper’s arsenal. You can’t rely on your conventional weapons all the time. Knowing how to use common items to defend yourself can help you survive wherever you may go.

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