The NBA is totally in bed with communist China, and also hates free speech
10/24/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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The NBA is totally in bed with communist China, and also hates free speech

If you’re not yet convinced that the National Basketball Association (NBA) has devolved into little more than a shameless propaganda mouthpiece for communist China, prepare to have your mind changed.

During a recent press conference in Japan, CNN reporter Christina Macfarlane tried to ask Houston Rockets players James Harden and Russell Westbrook a question pertaining to the league’s views on free speech, only to be immediately shut down by the team’s media officer.

“The NBA has always been a league that prides itself on its players and coaches being able to speak out openly about political and social affairs,” Macfarlane started out by saying. “I just wonder after the events of this week, and the fallout we’ve seen, whether you would both feel differently about speaking out in that way in the future?” she then asked.

Before either Harden or Westbrook even had the chance to answer, the Houston Rockets’ media officer quickly interjected to chide Macfarlane for even daring to ask such a question, responding with “basketball questions only.” A man then tried to forcibly remove the microphone from Macfarlane’s hand.

“It’s a legitimate question,” Macfarlane proceeded to emphasize, adding that “this is an event that has happened this week.” The media officer then responded by saying he understood, but added that “it’s a question that’s already been answered.”

Macfarlane attempted a second time to get an answer from Harden specifically, who quickly passed the microphone back and refused to even acknowledge the question. Westbrook reportedly did the same thing, leaving Macfarlane in the dark without an answer.

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The NBA is now telling its players to praise communist China during media interviews, attack those who support freedom and free speech

During a previous interview earlier in the week, Harden and Westbrook were similarly asked about the NBA scandal, to which they responding with nothing but glowing praise for communist China. Harden even apologized for statements made by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey in support of the Hong Kong freedom activists.

“We apologize,” Harden stated. “You know, we love China. We love playing there,” he added.”For both of us individually, we go there once or twice a year. They show us the most important love.”

The “most important love” that Harden was referring to is money, of course. Former NBA star Charles Barkley openly admitted this during a recent media interview he gave, in which he reiterated that “billions of dollars” are at stake if the NBA gets on China’s bad side.

LeBron James is another NBA superstar who reaps windfall profits from the NBA’s collusion with communist China, which explains why he’s also been going on the media circuit blasting Morey’s statements in support of the Hong Kong protestors as “misinformed” and “not educated” (talk about the pot calling the kettle black…).

It’s all about money to these guys, who couldn’t care less about the tens of millions of political prisoners throughout China who are being systematically beaten, tortured, and murdered for their religious beliefs.

“NBA stars and coaches have all kinds of things to say about the fairy tales of social justice, but when it’s time to put your big boy pants on and talk about communist China, they wet their pants,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter about the controversy.

“They literally support a dictatorship in China that enslaves people, but ceaselessly attack Trump,” wrote another. “A total disgrace bordering on treason.”

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