ATF study finds there are 423 million guns in the hands of Americans, while seditious Democrats hope to confiscate and destroy them all
12/08/2019 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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ATF study finds there are 423 million guns in the hands of Americans, while seditious Democrats hope to confiscate and destroy them all

If Democrats ever gain complete control over the federal government, which they seek to do by hook or by crook, several of our founding fundamental rights and protections will disappear.

One of those is the right to keep and bear arms. 

Democrats are obsessed with disarming as many Americans as possible and, if given even half an opportunity, would completely take away our inalienable right to a firearm for self-defense (and, it should be added, to defend ourselves against tyrannical government).

However, should the Donkey Party attempt to do so, they’d better bring a lot of help because according to a new estimate by the federal government itself, there are literally hundreds of millions of firearms in the hands of private citizens.

As Infowars reports:

Newly released figures from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives shows that there are now a whopping 422.9 million guns in the hands of Americans. The number equates to 1.2 guns for every person in the country.

The figures also show that in 2018, 8.1 billion rounds of ammunition were produced by the gun industry.

Of course, not every American owns a firearm. After all, the Second Amendment doesn’t require firearms ownership it simply recognizes that it’s an inherent human right to own and ‘bear’ them. So obviously, there are millions of Americans who own a dozen or more guns.

But the fact remains there are a lot of firearms in private hands, meaning if Democrats ever did get a hankering to trample the Constitution and take up firearms collection, there are a lot of ‘spare’ guns in America that would be readily available to people who don’t own one now but would be willing to take up arms to defend themselves and their rights.


There’s more to the ATF’s report. According to statistics, the most popular firearms in America are the oft-mischaracterized ‘assault weapons’ — that is, the military-style look-alike rifles that are semi-automatic and highly accurate, the AR-15 leading the list. (Related: Texas Democrats trying to pass “red flag” laws that would strip away Second Amendment rights without any trial or due process.)

Guess which ‘sporting rifle’ is the most popular?

The ATF’s findings note that there are currently about 18 million of those weapons in private hands (17.7 million), which is a record high. More than half of all rifles (54 percent) that were manufactured in the country in 2017 were of the ‘modern sporting’ type so often mislabeled as assault rifles.

The ATF stats also show that firearms-related ammunition manufacturing was responsible for about 12,000 jobs in the country and generated $4.1 billion in gross domestic product in 2017. 

“These figures show the industry that America has a strong desire to continue to purchase firearms for lawful purposes,” said Joe Bartozzi, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

“The modern sporting rifle continues to be the most popular centerfire rifle sold in America today and is clearly a commonly owned firearm with more than 17 million in legal, private ownership today.” Bartozzi continued, Infowars reported.

“The continued popularity of handguns demonstrates a strong interest by Americans to protect themselves and their homes and to participate in the recreational shooting sports,” he added, noting that “as lawful firearms ownership in America continues to grow, criminal and unintentional misuse of firearms is falling.”

This is a trend that has been years in the making. Beginning in the late 1990s, firearms researcher Dr. John Lott has been reporting that “more guns equal less crime,” a finding he continually validates with fresh research. 

“During the 25-year period covered in this report (1993–2017) the violent crime rate has decreased by 48.6 percent and unintentional firearm-related fatalities have declined by 68 percent,” Bartozzi said. 

And yet, every Democrat running for the presidency this year, as well as far too many of them in Congress, continue to call for bans on these and other weapons — which, flat out, is tyranny.

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