Panderer-in-chief: Bloomberg promises taxpayer-funded free gender surgery and housing to transgenders
02/02/2020 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Panderer-in-chief: Bloomberg promises taxpayer-funded free gender surgery and housing to transgenders

The biggest difference between President Donald Trump and every single one of the Democratic presidential contenders running for their party’s nomination is this: Self-empowerment versus government handouts.

The Democrat Party long ago abandoned any pretense of being a “party of the common American” and instead became the party of bigger and more expensive, intrusive government. You can tell by the way its candidates are attempting to give away everything but the kitchen sink this campaign cycle.

In fact, one candidate — former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg — is actually promising a kitchen sink. And a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and some closets — to at least some Americans.

But there’s a catch: You have to be a transgendered person.

And if taxpayer-funded housing isn’t enough, Blooomberg will throw in free sex surgery as well, all compliments of every working person in the country.

As Breitbart News reported Thursday, Bloomberg’s campaign released a “vision” for the adoption of “a comprehensive policy to ensure LGBTQ+ equality.”

The news site reported:

The vision includes transgenders’ rights to free sex surgery and hormone treatment, rights to shelter based on gender identity, and forcing law enforcement and health care providers to undergo “cultural competency” and “implicit bias” training.

“I have been honored to stand with the LGBTQ+ community in the fight for equality and justice, from New York, where we won marriage equality in 2011, to states across the country. That fight – true to our nation’s highest ideals – has achieved historic progress, but we still have a long way to go,” Bloomberg says on his campaign website.

“As president, I will work to protect every member of the LGBTQ+ community from hatred, violence, and discrimination. We will close disparities in health care access and quality, stop violence against transgender people, and advocate for equal rights across the world. We cannot settle for anything less – and I won’t,” he continued.

What the government provides it can take away

In addition to this blatant pandering, Bloomberg also said he supports new legislation that would essentially gut existing protections for Americans who want to live and act according to their deeply held religious beliefs — a blatant attempt to criminalize the First Amendment’s ‘freedom of religion’ guarantee. Because to the Left, you can’t be a Christian who believes in traditional marriage and gender roles simply as a matter of faith. No. Such beliefs make you a bigot.

“Mike will … end the Trump administration’s practice of granting federally funded organizations a license to discriminate against people based on their religious beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity,” the campaign website adds.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s policies are growing the economy in ways it has not for years, while creating more jobs and opportunities for all Americans across all demographics. Trump, then, is providing a means for people to provide for themselves; Democrats like Bloomberg are offering nothing but government-sponsored largess, an existence that makes those Americans who take the bait totally dependent on bureaucrats in D.C.

Because lest we never forget, whatever the government provideth, the government can taketh away.

Bloomberg’s pandering to transgenders, though, isn’t just an insult against the vast majority of Americans who do not fall into the “LGBTQ+” demographic, but it’s insulting to those he means to pander to. Programs like what Bloomberg’s proposing assume that targeted individuals are incapable of making their own way and must be helped by government.

Speaking of bigotry, dividing Americans along racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, and other lines is about as bigoted and racist as it gets. Forcing a Christian, via the taxes they pay, to support lifestyles they don’t agree with is no different from forcing a gay person to subsidize the Christian religion.

The latter would never happen, so why does the former get serious consideration?

Trump ignites passion in his political enemies, no question, but overall he’s trying to be president for all Americans. Bloomberg, obviously, would not.

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