THEY LIED: Coronavirus infected patient that was deliberately released by the CDC in San Antonio spent two hours walking around a local mall
03/02/2020 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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THEY LIED: Coronavirus infected patient that was deliberately released by the CDC in San Antonio spent two hours walking around a local mall

The coronavirus-infected patient who was deliberately released by the untrustworthy CDC into San Antonio spent hours walking around a local mall, according to local ABC affiliate

Over the last 24 hours, the CDC repeatedly lied to the American public and claimed the patient had no contact with the public.

Now we learn that, too, was a lie.

“San Antonio officials say a patient who was mistakenly released from the Texas Center for Infectious Disease facility spent two hours at a mall after she was let go,” reports

The patient spend hours in the food court, then went to a local hotel. inaccurately claims “the risk factor is low” for the coronavirus to spread at the mall or a hotel. What we already know with certainty is that the coronavirus excels at spreading in enclosed spaces like hotels and malls. It has already exploded on cruise ships, in churches and across nursing homes and retirement facilities.

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said, “The fact that the CDC allowed the public to be exposed to a patient with a positive COVID-19 reading is unacceptable.”

Except, of course, there are zero repercussions for anyone at the CDC. The discredited agency — a front group for Big Pharma and the vaccine industry — appears to be able to do anything it wants without any consequences or condemnation.

All these mistakes are no accident

Right now, it appears the CDC is carrying out a string of “accidental” releases of infected patients that are seeding the nation with the coronavirus as a way to amplify the outbreak. As the epidemic gets worse, of course, the CDC gets more funding and the vaccine industry rakes in billions in government grants and FDA-issued vaccine licenses.

We already know the CDC has a long history of working with criminally indicted “vaccine researchers” who take government grant money to produce fake science studies that “prove” vaccines are safe.

There’s nothing the CDC won’t do to boost vaccine industry profits. Perhaps “C.D.C.” means Centers for Disease Creation.

Don’t forget that this is the same CDC which deliberately withheld diagnostic testing kits from the entire nation for nearly four weeks, allowing the virus to spread completely unconstrained.

Does any rational person really believe all these events are just accidents? Because they fit a pattern of deliberate, malicious activities that just happen to accomplish the worsening of the outbreak in America.

If you don’t believe it’s being done on purpose, then it’s the most stunning display of rank incompetence and government negligence we’ve witnessed in a long time.

What’s next, will the CDC start hiding the numbers of infected Americans? Will they cover up coronavirus deaths in America? Is “rule by secrecy” now the new science-based approach to dealing with pandemics?

It almost seems that instead of declaring war on the virus, public health officials are declaring war on REPORTING about the virus. Whatever numbers they don’t want to be reported will just vanish from government websites, commie China style.

In fact, the CDC is tracking almost perfectly with communist China’s outbreak propaganda schemes. You might want to ponder how this all works out when Trump declares medical martial law and the CDC starts running armed “pandemic response teams” that go door to door, forcing people out of their homes if they show an elevated temperature.

Every nightmare scene we’ve already witnessed in China is what may be in store for America soon if we don’t reel in this out-of-control, dishonest, incompetent, malicious “death science” industry and its government front groups like the CDC.

Stay informed by reading more coronavirus news at (And don’t believe anything from the lying CDC.)

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