SPECIAL REPORT: Mike Adams joins Alex Jones to reveal how coronavirus is an engineered weapon to destroy the Western world
03/07/2020 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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SPECIAL REPORT: Mike Adams joins Alex Jones to reveal how coronavirus is an engineered weapon to destroy the Western world

Today I joined Alex Jones in the InfoWars studios to record a bombshell special report. It’s entitled, “EMERGENCY REPORT: Coronavirus Is An Engineered Weapon For The Global Take-down Of The Western World.”

You can watch it via this link at Banned.video or see the video embed below (also available soon via Brighteon.com).

The completely unscripted video is about one hour in duration and delves into the globalist origins of the engineered coronavirus and how open borders policies and malicious negligence by the CDC are converging to create millions of infections and deaths in America as part of a globalist plot to destroy Trump and defeat America.

Alex opens the special report with a 19-minute introduction that gives the big picture view of what’s happening. He then invites me on to explore issues like:

  • Coronavirus pandemic projections for America.
  • The SXSW cancellation and why it’s part of a psyop to spread fear on top of the legitimate concerns over the virus spread.
  • Why President Trump is making an enormous mistake in trusting CDC, NIH and FDA advisors.
  • How President Trump could stop this virus in its tracks and save America.
  • The “China invasion” scenario and why China’s military will be the first in the world that’s immune to the coronavirus.
  • How Hillary Clinton becomes president after Trump resigns under pressure following millions of deaths in America (one possible scenario we pray doesn’t happen).
  • How Trump can protect America’s economy and prevent mass deaths by promoting anti-viral herbs, minerals and nutraceuticals that are available now and can substantially boost immune function across the population at large.
  • Why Big Pharma is currently in control of Washington D.C. and is exploiting this pandemic to rake in billions for the drug and vaccine industries.
  • Why globalist open borders policies were put in place before this biological weapon was released onto the world, making sure infected migrants carry the virus into Western Europe and the USA.
  • How this pandemic achieves all the goals of the globalists: Depopulation, gun control, censorship, martial law, mandatory vaccines, destroying America, ending Trump and much more. (It’s the ultimate combo weapon system to attack the Western world and enslave humanity.)

Watch the full special report here or see it at this link:

The video will soon be available via Brighteon.com at the Alex Jones Channel there.

Read more daily updates on the coronavirus pandemic at Pandemic.news.

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