Alex Azar, former drug giant Eli Lilly lobbying czar, now the U.S. HHS Czar, declares “Nuclear Winter” over Trump’s “devastating” pharma legislation that trims a little drug pricing fat
03/09/2020 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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Alex Azar, former drug giant Eli Lilly lobbying czar, now the U.S. HHS Czar, declares “Nuclear Winter” over Trump’s “devastating” pharma legislation that trims a little drug pricing fat

Yes, the same price-gouging ex-pharma-executive and elitist who’s now embedded in the White House decision-making think tank, is crying the money blues because Trump is trying to reign in the out-of-control pharma monopoly on drug pricing. The same guy who helped skyrocket drug prices while at Eli Lilly hasn’t pocketed enough fortune yet off pushing over-priced toxic prescription medications on Americans. Nope. He wants more, more, more.

So now, Alex the “Health-Czar” Azar is tanking the new drug pricing bill, all while his former employer pulls the puppet strings attached to his brain and wallet. Mr. Slick, Alex Azar, the Health Czar of the United States HHS (U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services), somehow managed to diffuse the “nuclear winter” that Trump was ushering in for Big Pharma. What a hero.

Alex Michael Azar II is claiming the House bill would have been “devastating” to both the pharma and biotech industries. Wait, what? We’re talking about the crooks and hacks that have 100 million Americans eating genetically mutated food while taking useless symptom-cover-up medications that keep them sick until early death.

Azar was President of the U.S. division of Eli Lilly & Co and member of the board of directors for pharma-lobbying, evil biotech organization

Dial it back to April of 2009, when Azar became the VP of Eli Lilly’s “Managed Healthcare Services Organization.” That’s when they had to pay out nearly $1.5 billion to settle criminal charges for pushing psychotropic drugs for off-label prescribing that went awry, obviously.

By 2012, Azar was running the largest division of Eli Lilly, overseeing their entire operation, all while tripling the price of their top-selling insulin drug. This is one evil dude. Still, according to Azar, Trump’s attempts to limit price gauging are the “nuclear winter” of hell for Big Pharma. Sure.

Funny how his initials are AMA, just like the ever-corrupt and insidious American Medical Association, which is how all of Big Pharma got its start about 110 years ago. Now this pharma shill is running the narrative for a COVID-19 vaccine that’s sure to contain more neurotoxins than a mercury-laden flu shot.

Alex Azar doesn’t give a flip about anyone’s health or he wouldn’t price gouge diabetic’s insulin drugs

In November 2017, Trump nominated Azar to run HHS, and the natural health community went nuts. Though Trump himself knows the dangers of vaccines and GMO food (he opposes the CDC vaccine schedule and serves organic food in his restaurants he owns and dines at), he runs the country like a business, so nothing’s off the table when it comes to the economy – not the good, the bad or the ugly. And this is ugly.

Azar pretends to be a critic of Obama’s nightmarishly unaffordable “Affordable Care Act.” Azar claimed he would repeal Obamacare by passing some piece of legislation. Then he said he would attempt to “make it work a little better.”

So much for the U.S. government negotiating with pharma companies for lower prices. Thanks Health Furor Alex. Looks like the real “nuclear winter” that’s coming is the Coronavirus for all the immune-compromised Americans who are addicted to the 250 over-priced prescription medications and heroin-based painkillers the HHS Secretary highly recommends. No more maximum price caps. Allopathic drug prices are accelerating upwards as you read this article. Got statins?

As it is, Azar is a profit-generating consultant for biotech and healthcare companies, so why would he ever try to cut their profits? He won’t. Don’t you worry. He’s just another pharma hack. A shill. A charlatan. A huckster with really bad karma.

Tune your internet dial to to find out how Health Czar Azar is already “invested” in the fake Coronavirus vaccine and the soon-to-be pandemic that makes big pharma another fortune while likely trimming the “population fat” by a few hundred million sheeple.

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