Right now, all across America, the coronavirus is spreading through grocery stores, Costcos and Sam’s Clubs… because that’s where all the crowds are
03/14/2020 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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Right now, all across America, the coronavirus is spreading through grocery stores, Costcos and Sam’s Clubs… because that’s where all the crowds are

By now, everybody knows the coronavirus spreads like crazy through crowded, indoor environments. And because the lying mainstream media — and the malicious Tech Giants that censor coronavirus solutions — have been telling people to NOT prepare, tens of millions of Americans suddenly went into a panic yesterday and started raiding the retail stores like a wave of human locusts.

They’re stripping the shelves bare and finding themselves stuck in long lines — some of them snaking for a quarter mile inside the store — just to get to the checkout counter. This entire time, they are exposed to enormous crowds of people who are potentially infected with the coronavirus.

And don’t forget that coronavirus survives on surfaces for several days, including grocery cart handles, fresh produce and even cereal boxes. This means those who are infected (but don’t yet know it) are likely scattering coronavirus “seeds” all across the grocery stores.

According to my pandemic projection model, revision 3, there are right now about 25,000 coronavirus infected people in the USA. This means that, on average, every 1 in 13,000 people you encounter is infected. However, the vast majority of these infections are found in just five areas: NYC, Boston, Washington D.C., San Francisco / Bay Area and Seattle. In those areas, the odds of any particular person being infected as significantly higher, probably closer to 1 in 5000 people.

It sounds like a small number, right? But that’s because people aren’t doing the math on this. If you go to the grocery store in one of these high-risk areas, and if 1,000 other people have go through that same grocery store on that same day, there is an 18% chance that a coronavirus-infected person went through the same store you went through on that day.

Interestingly, people are always asking me to explain the math on these calculations, so the math is (4999/5000)^1000.

The answer to that math problem is 0.8187, which means you have an 82% chance of not encountering a coronavirus-infected person in the scenario described above. So if you have an 82% chance of not encountering one, you have an 18% chance of encountering one.

As we saw in South Korea, just one coronavirus-infected person can spread it to hundreds of other people who gather in an enclosed space. In Korea it was a church, but it might as well have been a grocery store or a Costco warehouse. The virus isn’t picky. It will spread just the same.

And this underscores the devastating societal cost of:

1) Media misinformation that actively mocked people for buying food early on.

2) The absolutely criminal level of censorship by the tech giants that has banned the most accurate independent voices who have been warning people now for over six weeks (voices like myself, Chris Martenson, Stefan Molyneaux, etc., all of whom are widely banned or shadowbanned).

3) The outrageous incompetence of US government officials like Surgeon General Adams, who actively (and stupidly) told people to stop buying personal protective equipment that might have helped stop the spread of the virus.

In essence, the combination of Big Tech, Big Government and Big Media herded the American people into “super spreader” panic events like what we’re seeing right now.

You should know that if you find yourself standing in line at a packed grocery store, feeling a sense of fear because you were too late to buy supplies, the corrupt establishment wanted you to be there in that circumstance. That’s how they spread the virus, of course: Corral the people into enclosed spaces like oblivious cattle. And they pulled it off without any difficulty at all.

The people dutifully panicked on cue, right as they were programmed to, mobbing the stores and creating “super spreader” scenarios that will, three weeks from now, see a rapid doubling of the number of coronavirus cases in just one weekend.

Here are some of the “sheeple” being herded around Costco, bawling at each other just like ranch animals:

And here’s what happens when the cattle / sheeple get even more afraid and start stabbing each other:

At least this one Costco was limiting the number of people entering the store at any one time, a wise choice to limit the spread of the coronavirus:

Watch this mini-documentary to learn more about what’s coming:

Read more at Pandemic.news.

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