Coronavirus deaths in the USA have surpassed 9/11, with over 2,000 deaths expected PER DAY by mid-April
03/31/2020 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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Coronavirus deaths in the USA have surpassed 9/11, with over 2,000 deaths expected PER DAY by mid-April

It’s official. With confirmed coronavirus deaths now at 3,580 in the USA, more Americans have been killed by the coronavirus than died in the attacks of 9/11 (which were used to rapidly expand the government surveillance police state).

The United States of America is now tracking over 20,000 new infections per day and over 500 deaths per day. Those deaths are expected to reach 2,200 per day by mid-April, after which they are expected to gradually decline through May, June and July.

Our own projections put the total number of USA deaths from the coronavirus at 45,000 to 90,000 through the end of July, although we have consistently been too optimistic in our projections.

Coronavirus lockdowns — which we now believe could be lifted if everybody started taking zinc and started wearing masks in public — have been extended through the end of April, with some areas talking about not lifting them until May.

Here’s a look at the sharp increase in coronavirus-related deaths in the USA, via This rise hasn’t yet reached an inflection point that might indicate a slowing:

Alarm bells are ringing in Louisiana, where 54 deaths have been recorded just today, with over 1,200 new infections today, making Louisiana one of the very worst-hit states in terms of deaths per capita.

Before long, the deaths from coronavirus in the USA will dwarf deaths from seasonal flu, obliterating the still-persistent argument among denialists who claim it’s, “just the flu.”

The FDA is aggressively attacking colloidal silver products in order to clear the way for a coronavirus vaccine that will no doubt be forced upon the population, thanks to the censorship of information about zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C and even chloroquine, a low-cost prescription drug that appears to be saving hundreds of lives in NYC.

The economic damage from the lockdowns is beginning to mount, with tens of thousands of restaurants and service-industry businesses already in bankruptcy, and many more expected to collapse before the end of April. Commercial real estate has absolutely collapsed, and residential real estate will begin a rapid implosion once renters start skipping rent payments which typically take place tomorrow, the first of the month.

Several U.S. states are now running checkpoints to block travelers entering from other states. Texas, for example, is blocking travelers from Louisiana. And law enforcement in Rhode Island is reportedly going door to door, looking for New Yorkers who fled NYC and tried to flaunt the 14-day quarantine rule in Rhode Island. (Similar restrictions are also happening in Florida and Vermont, mostly trying to stop New Yorkers from exporting infections to other states.)

A Florida pastor has been arrested and jailed for hosting a church service during the coronavirus lockdown, indicating just how aggressively local authorities are going to enforce mandatory quarantines. This is also alarming many civil rights observers who wonder just how much tyranny will be unleashed against citizens who refuse to comply with lockdown orders.

Daisy Luther from The Organic Prepper writes, “It’s Only a Matter of Time Until COVID-19 Lockdowns Lead to Civil Unrest and Violent Crime.” She’s probably right, but as I pointed out in an article over the weekend, “clueless” Americans are now getting the tyranny they deserve, since they didn’t give a crap about civil liberties when Big Tech was censoring all the most important voices of the independent media.

As Luther writes, “It’s only a matter of time before these issues combine to become the flashpoint that leads to an explosion of civil unrest and violent crime.”

Hospitals and food distribution systems all breaking down

In other news, hospitals across America are being cleared out to make room for the expected wave of coronavirus patients, and ventilators remain in scarce supply nearly nationwide. The emergency production of ventilators by US companies won’t even begin until April 20th, and most ventilators won’t be available until after the peak of hospitalizations and deaths, according to current models. (In other words, we’re going to have a huge glut of ventilators by late summer.)

Food distribution systems are breaking down across North America and Europe, and food riots are expected to break out soon in Italy, where raids on grocery stores have already begun. Adding to the stress, Whole Foods employees are planning a “sick out” protest to demand more protections against coronavirus, and Amazon has already found coronavirus infections in at least 11 fulfillment warehouses. Amazon employees also staged a walkout in New York, demanding stronger protections and higher wages.

Daisy Luther writes:

In reality, there are major issues with the supply chain, a problem many folks aren’t seeing because they’re not at the store. Distribution systems are breaking down.

A source at a Walmart Superstore recently confided that the trucks were only delivering a fraction of the items needed to restock shelves. Imports aren’t arriving in California ports, at least not anywhere close to the degree they were before.

And because more people are eating at home than ever before, the demand on grocery stores has increased dramatically. This also comes at a time after farmers have been driven out of business by the trade war. (source) We have actual shortages here, and it isn’t just due to “panic buying.” That only exposed the dangers of the Just In Time delivery philosophy used by retailers.

How’s that advice to “stop buying food” working out for you now, eh?

In fact, health officials have offered the worst, most insanely bad health advice imaginable, from the WHO insisting the coronavirus isn’t airborne to Canadian and American officials claiming “masks don’t work.” If there was ever an argument to dismantle and shut down the WHO — a communist China-run disinfo hub — their mishandling of the coronavirus takes the cake.

Yet pandemic denialists still flourish across the independent media… and one of them has already died

Despite all this, there are still a shocking number of pandemic denialists across the independent media who claim bizarre, irrational things like, “Nobody is really dying from the coronavirus” or, “It’s all a Bill Gates hoax / mind control experiment.”

The level of denialism has come to resemble some sort of infectious mental illness, where one publisher claims, “the regular flu kills 10% of those who are infected,” and then other commentators pick up the insanity and spread it to their own readers. To this day, there are still large independent publisher who think the coronavirus only kills 1 in 10,000 people while the regular flu, they say, kills 1 in 10.

That’s pure mental illness.

Most of the (bad) arguments that try to downplay the severity of the coronavirus focus on “the denominator” of the fraction of No. of dead vs. No. of infected. They say that since no one knows the true number of infected people, the case fatality rate is actually very small, perhaps as small as 0.01% (1 in 10,000 people).

This argument falls apart the moment you realize that in order to be true, every hospital in every large city in America would have to be faking all the deaths, which would mean signing up doctors and nurses nationwide to be part of some bizarre, elaborate, nationwide false flag operation designed to trick the country into believing the coronavirus is killing people.

And on top of that, you’d have to have all the doctors and nurses in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the UK, Iran, South Korea and other nations in on the same conspiracy. That would include China, too.

It’s absurd. Doctors and nurses aren’t faking the deaths, and the coronavirus isn’t a hoax or a sham.

It’s real. It’s DAMN real. It’s so real, in fact, that a Christian pastor who previously claimed the coronavirus was a total hoax has died from the coronavirus.

As reported by a blog site called Friendly Athiest:

Yesterday, one of the first deaths of a Virginia resident from COVID-19 was a Christian musical evangelist who, believing the pandemic response to be anti-Trump “mass hysteria,” took his family to New Orleans to “wash it from its Sin and debauchery.”

On his Facebook page, Spradlin had posted many photos and videos of his family, his band, and himself performing and sightseeing in New Orleans beginning on what seems February 21 through March 10. Much of his time appeared to be in crowded Jackson Square, where his band played in what he called his “Jackson Square Ministry.” Other locations included performing in intimate music clubs, dining in restaurants, and walking on Bourbon Street.

That same day he shared a post telling a “true” story of a missionary who cared miraculously for bubonic plague victims without himself succumbing to the illness. That post explained that “As long as I walk in the light of that law [of the Spirit of life], no germ will attach itself to me.”

It turns out that God wants you to understand virology and take sensible precautions such as not partying in New Orleans in the middle of a pandemic.

And God put all the elements in this universe — including zinc — because he wants them to be available to everyone.

Prayer is helpful and important, but it doesn’t excuse you from being sensible in your actions. Besides, didn’t God teach everyone about infectious disease in the Old Testament? Book of Leviticus?

It’s amazing how quickly humanity has forgotten the lessons that should have been learned thousands of years ago.

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